Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

If this doesn't scare you, nothing will.

From CNS News:
"It’s official: The Obama administration has now borrowed $3 trillion, according to the U.S. Treasury Department.

It took from 1776, when the United States became an independent country, until 1990, the year after the Berlin Wall fell signaling victory in the Cold War, for the federal government to accumulate a total of $3 trillion in debt, according to the Treasury Department. It only took from Jan. 20, 2009, the day President Barack Obama was inaugurated, until Oct. 15, 2010, for the Obama administration to add $3 trillion to the federal debt.

The overall debt of the federal government, according to the Treasury Department, is now $13.666 trillion."

I found this little tidbit on Michelle Malkin's site.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

This Is Incredible

G said she could do this. I said, "Yes, with years of practice." She said, "No, now." RRRRIIIIGGGGHHHHTTTT! Oh the confidence of a child, heh.

147 million orphans

One child's journey in comparison to another child's journey. From two different countries, from two different continents, on two different journeys that are so very similar. Remember there is a need for families to step forward and pour into the lives of children who are not as fortunate to have a forever family. There is also a need for forever families, could your family be one?

Both of these stories just gripped my heart. I told G that November was adoption awareness month. She asked what that was and I told her it was to make people aware of children who don't have permanent families and need to be adopted. She said, "Well, we don't need to celebrate that do we?" Interpretation is that she has a family so we don't have to celebrate needing a family. Yes we are lucky to have each other in a family. I am supremely lucky that she is my daughter!! I forever will believe that.

Of Halloween Past

This picture is of G in 2008 when she went as an artist. Of course this costume was completely and quickly ditched at the door.

As we are getting ready for this Halloween I am reminded of all the past Halloween celebrations when I was a child. The thinking is actually comparing the current costume situation with all those of my childhood. I never got to be what I really ever wanted to be because I had to wear what we already had or could make easily. Sound familiar? Well, it is deja vu all over again at the M household. G is wearing a costume that is homemade because of cost for one and because of her own dis-like of dressing up as anything that is sold as Halloween costumes anyway.

But costumes aren't the only memory I have of past Halloweens. I have one memory of being so sick I didn't get to trick or treat or even go to school for the party. I also have a memory of me begging mom to let me go through a haunted house. I begged and pleaded so much that she let me go but for which she ought to have had social services sic'd on her which she should have refused to allow due to my already fearful nature.

You would think I would have more empathy for G's fears knowing how fearful I was as a child. I don't and this post is about me anyway, but aren't they all?

Anyboo, that was literally the most heart stopping event of my life. I don't know how I managed to survive, truly frightful. When I left the haunted house I know I was in a run so fast that I really don't remember actually even touching the ground. I also remember jumping into my mom's arms which was remarkable in that she was sitting in the middle of the cab of a pick up truck and I literally jumped up over everyone and into her arms crying hysterically while I believe she told me "I told you so" or something comforting like that.

So the lesson I learned from that, don't go to haunted houses for fun 'cause they so ain't! That and not to giveinto the begging and pleading of a fearful child under any circumstance.

Head over to the The SITS Girls for more Halloween pasts.


We are making homemade chicken soup for supper at my mom's today. We are also going to make a no bake cheesecake for dessert. I have a craving for chicken soup because I have no clue why but I am.

G and I attended a rank test today as well. That counted as class attendence for her as well as gave her an idea about how she will do a test when it comes time. We will miss Monday's class due to a birthday party. My parents came to see her class last night. That was very fun for G. This style is taekwondo. She is learning the form right 17. She hasn't realized or maybe it hasn't yet connected that what she is learning are the strikes she would hit a person if needed. One day she will and I hope she will never need it.

By the way, anyone out there in the interwebs out grow a black karate uniform in about a size 6 or 7 or rather for a 6 year old? If so please contact me so I can either buy it from you or beg for it to be handed down to G, pleasepleasepleaseplease .

About work, we had a halloween party Friday. That was fun. What I don't like is that my cube mate has visitors from around the office and they whisper behind me. Now I am not being paranoid that they are talking about me (but they could be); however, I will say it is most annoying to know a conversation is taking place and I am totally uninvited into it. I don't mind not being involved but I wish they would take it outside. It is just rude to whisper around someone. I think they are complaining about the company because my cube mate is leaving at the end of the month (Nov.) Oh and because I am a temp and haven't put in enough hours to get paid for volunteer, I will lose three days this month, two in a week.

AR didn't acknowledge my appeal at all and are now charging me $862 plus interest for overpayment from the first 3 weeks of unemployment in 2009. They thing that really really bothers me is the accusation of fraud. I would have no problem with a letter stating they had made a mistake but I know I filed and claimed my severence in the beginning of the unemployment. The state is claiming I committed fraud and I am now facing fines and jail time. No, I don't have any money to pay it back, so I am totally screwed, but I also didn't commit fraud. I wonder what they are going to accuse me of when they realize they and TN paid in Aug 09 after TN failed to notify them of the TN obligation. I also didn't know about TN's obligation until AR did. AR should have known though even before me because I had never been on UE before whereas AR administers it!! And that is 19 weeks at $431 not just 2.

Oh and my net weekly pay if I don't miss a day is $356. If I miss a day it is $312. And I claimed federal exemption because I know I won't owe fed taxes this year. And I have $40 weekly gas expense that I didn't have when not working as well as a $5 per day p/u fee for G. Two new expenses I didn't have before work with not much money to pay it and a huge debt hanging over me.

Is talking about finances still taboo? Shouldn't be. How will you know what to pray if needs are specifically shared? And I truly do need prayer at this point.

Hopefully I will have G's costume made for tomorrow's trunk and treat deal. I will be sure to post pics.

1611-2011 Celebrating 400 Years of the King James Bible

Can you believe it? Maybe you never thought about the impact the King James Bible has had on our contemporary lives. I hadn't until I received this book to review. So in exchange for my opinions I received this beautiful leather bound book of selected verses with the history of the King James Bible woven throughout.
The timing for the beginning of the translation couldn't be more perfect for the KJB considering the invention of the Gutenburg press in 1450 as well as it being considered the golden age of English literature. From the book: "Regarding the English language of the period, Adam Nicolson states: 'Boisterous, elegant, subtle, majestic, finely nuanced, sonorous and musical, the English of that period has a more encompassing idea of its own reach and scope than any before or since. It is a form of the language that drips with potency and sensitivity.'"
At the time the request was made by 800 clergy to King James (prior to ascending the throne) the Bishops' Bible was the standard in churches but the Geneva Bible was the most popular English translation in the homes. The clergy who signed the petition and King James himself wanted to replace the Geneva Bible because the marginal notes tended to be anti-king and state. So a new translation began.
Winston Churchill recognized the importance of the KJV noting that it "had forged an enduring link, literary and religious, between the Englishspeaking people spread across the world."
From the book: "David Crystal, a linguistic expert on the development of the English language, adds that the King James Version 'did something that nobody else had done, or nothing else had done in the history of the language previously. Not even Shakespeare had managed to do as other text in the history of the English language has done as much as the Bible to shape our modern idiom.'"
If you think about it, even unchurched people use and understand references from the Bible without maybe even realizing from where those references have come, like the use of "longsuffering," "peacemaker," or "scapegoat."
David Simpson, member of parliament, attributes the Bible to many great events as the bible of Milton and of the Protectorate, guiding the Glorious Revolution which gave England the constitutional monarchy and parliamentary democracy, and it as the Bible of Whitfield and Wesley preventing a bloody revolution in Britain like the brutal and bloody French Revolution.
It one of the most common translations around even today. So when you see a King James Version or New King James Version (full translation released in 1982) you can now think about what a great historical treasure we have.

Friday, October 29, 2010

A Too Real Dream

The other night and it has been a while I had a most real dream that was absolutely wonderful and so not possible but felt so real. I dreamed that G's Chinese grandmother's tracked us down and both came to the US to see her. They explained that their children, G's parents tried everything to keep her but to no avail due to heavy handed manipulation by the cadres in the family planning units. Oh and they only spoke Chinese but in my dream I totally understood everything even though I didn't. So I was able to introduce G to these beautiful grandmothers as her grandmothers even trying to explain how they can be her grandmothers with her Grammie. G of course even in my dream acted like G, very reluctant and standoffish to them though they were patient.

It was such a good dream. The parents were on the way over having trouble getting out of China, but I think had the dog not interrupted in my dream even the parents were going to come. But like I said the dog woke me up which made me very mad to lose that dream. When I woke up for the dog I still felt all the positive feelings from meeting them and a great sadness that it was really only a dream. I carried that sorrow a few days with me, and I haven't told G the dream yet. She still doesn't understand why we can't just go meet them all anyway that I didn't want to disappoint her. She still talks about this dream (#99 in the list) being so real.

I really wish that my dream some how would come true, and I could unite our families. Maybe one day if not in this world then prayerfully in the next.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Straight As and Flu Shots

Just like I thought. G's teacher wrote a note to correct G's report card that had listed one B. G has all As just like I thought. Apparently while entering grades the computer shut down on her and didn't record a 100 test score which brought her comprehension grade down to an 84.5 which when I was in school was actually a C but now a days we are dumbing down the grades so it is a B. Anyway she corrected it and hopefully will be much more careful next 9 weeks. I know G is smart enough to get all As. I also know she is so smart her brain is working away trying to answer or ask all the possible questions related with any of the words coming out of the teacher's mouth at test time.

We had our flu shot yesterday and G did cry but not before the shot was given. She was then rewarded with a chocolate and sprinkle donut. Because of that I almost missed karate last night. G reminded me so back out the door we went making it on time because the instructors were also late. YEA! US. Then G and I practiced her 7 points of the 17 point right or something like that. G maybe ready to test before I know it. She is really doing well and one of the instructors doesn't mind working one on one with her. They are both really nice and patient so that is a plus. And although G looks mighty stressed she assures me she isn't and that she enjoys it. I will have to get pictures Friday to post.

Day of the Deployed

WHEREAS, this nation is kept strong and free by the loyal citizens who preserve our precious heritage through their positives declaration and actions;


WHEREAS, our deployed service members have courageously answered their nation's call to service by defending our freedoms on foreign lands;


WHEREAS, Americans are encouraged to reaffirm their patriotism and allegiance to our flag and country, and honor the brave men and women currently deployed to protect and preserve our way of life;


WHEREAS, since 2006 Soldiers' Angels has honored our deployed heroes with a day set aside in recognition of their hard work, dedication and commitment to the United States of America;



Soldiers Angels hereby proclaim October 26 as DAY OF THE DEPLOYED

throughout the United States of America

and where ever our service members are serving.

Patti Patton - Bader, Founder

Shelle Michaels, National Communication Officer

Sunday, October 24, 2010


Saturday morning we had the last soccer game. G played really well. Then we headed to the FCC moon festival and G requested she get to wear her cowboy boots. So of course I agreed. She has previously been afraid of boots. She is also requesting she get to wear them yesterday to church (first pic) and school (but not today due to p.e.). She looked really cute in them if I do say so myself. I may never get her out of them but this may be the answer to the never-ending flipflops.

G's grandparents came home from their almost 4 month vacay but we didn't see them until Sunday after church. G did speak with them on the phone Saturday night while lying on the kindermat at the festival.

G also pet the horses. The climbing of the fence is new this year. Previous years I or someone had to hold her close to the horses. She really is growing up.

Anyway, that is it for the whole weekend update thing.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Did I Mention

I voted early the other day. Buh-bye Blanche!

Long Day Update

G made it fine, I on the other hand, not so much. She was a bit teary when I told her good-bye Wed. night but she was fine the rest of the time. Well, except for the whole holding of the poop issue. She told her teacher that her "crack" hurt. Then as soon as I got to her she said, "I need to go potty." She was shocked that I already knew about her hurting bum.

From there we headed to her teacher conference where I learned she has a B in comprehension and reading. I haven't seen that many Bs come home on her tests so I think it is wrong because it was an 84 not an 89 average. The teacher is supposed to check on it. We had to discuss G's very VERY literal understanding of the world and of the spoken language. G also starts thinking of questions to ask as soon as the teacher starts explaining test questions therefore she doesn't hear the directions. She does that with me too. That drives me batty.

G also has a problem with being too wordy which actually blows the minds of people who meet her because she says nothing, at all. So when she is telling a very busy teacher a problem the length of time it takes her to get the problem out puts the teacher off and then G doesn't feel heard. And due to the whole wordy thing she isn't heard. I had to give G examples of how to tell the teacher about a problem quickly last night. Now because she is also so very literal, the examples I gave will be the only time G thinks she can use it. I hope she can make the leap when necessary.

Oh and we had to discuss the difference again of the tattle tale. With Mrs. D's help maybe we have her convinced that some things like a child spitting in another child's hair or putting wood chips in other children's hair is appropriate to tell a teacher. But we have to work on the being quick and to the point.

After the conference we headed to DQ for supper. Like always just as we couldn't leave the table, she needs to go potty. So I make her wait and then take her to poop. I told her she really needed to wait to get home be able to relax at home. She said, "Yeah, that has handles to help smash it out" referring to holding on to the seat ring which is still in use on her own potty, heh.

This morning is staff dev. which means no school. I arranged care for her and at 6 am she popped out of bed saying, "Yea, I get to go to K's." She was even dressed and ready to leave a good 10 mins earlier than on school days. Oh the power of school vacations.

As far as I was concerned I was at a health fair, got there too early, wore too high and pointy shoes for way too long (15 hours), listened to people tell me they hate me because I was the benefit rep for that company, and had a big miscommunication which almost caused me to lose my mind all on less than 3 hours sleep. I am alive but my feet hurt. I do believe they will rebel the next time I try to wear those very cute but oh so uncomfy shoes again.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

How to Prepare for an Uncertain Future

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Your student can choose from three different regionally accredited programs that include General, College Preparatory and Vocational.  Don't let your student miss an opportunity to excel in the sometimes confusing workplace as research shows GEDs aren't typically regarded as well as a high school diploma by colleges or employers.  So to ensure for a better future, make sure your student has the education basics in a high school diploma.

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Needing a Change?

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This is an ideal opportunity for you to work at your own pace so that it doesn't interfere with current responsibilities like parenting or 40 hour work weeks or daily trips to the coffee shop.  I may have to look into this myself so that in the future, potential unemployment will be a thing of the past.


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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

G's Longest Day of the Year

Happens today. I had previously agreed to accept a temp job that starts at 5:30am so that warranted G having to spend the night somewhere. Of course after accepting that one day gig I was offered the one I am at until January (but praying it is longer). Well, G has been anxious about it really since I mentioned it to her and worse as the day approaches. Today is that day. She has been at school, then to aftercare, choir, and finally GAs. I won't see her again until tomorrow afternoon when I pick her up from the sitter's. Then we have her parent teacher conference.

I feel so badly for her but really what am I to do? I had to accept it. The parents have been out of town for 3 weeks shy of 3 months due to family business. They wouldn't come back for this. Sort of ticked me off but G really will be okay. Anyhoo, pray for her little emotional self. She is very anxious about being away from me even though I keep telling her she can do anything for one night!

Saturday, October 16, 2010


"So we set out from the very beginning to get the perfect career, the perfect spouse, raise the perfect children in the perfect house, take the perfect vacations with the perfect people and die a perfect death and have a perfect funeral in a perfect funeral home with perfect flowers and perfect people saying the perfect eulogy. There is a sort of Puritanical streak in all this, and the result is a kind of neat and tidy, Pollyanna Mary Poppins perfectionism. It's pure and clean and tidy and perfect. But it is also sterile, dull, predictable and deadly.

"It is a heresy because it is a form of salvation by good works. It turns religion into a set of table manners. It tames Aslan. It confines the Holy Spirit and reduces the vital and radical religion of Jesus Christ to a code of ethics for respectable people. People wonder why the Catholic Church (or the whole Christian Church in the West for that matter) is so sick, why the young leave in droves, why there is a vocations crisis, why the liturgy seems empty and the pews are empty. The problem is complex, and the network of heresies is vast and intricately interwoven, but one of the heresies is this kind of Perfectionism."

Go here for the whole convicting thing.

Now for a Little Levity

For the record, G likes the other bowlin'. Found on the site Stuff Christians Like.


This is after just one night of Karate. G went again on Friday night. After soccer we will expand into the Monday night sessions. She learned to snap kick and thrust kick this Friday but I didn't video it. I have permission from the instructor to go help G with her stance and other things during the class which is great. The teacher even said she noticed that G's punches were better than the first time. Just call me PROUD.

Oh and here is a great and convicting video of the meaning of eternity (has absolutely nothing to do with this post):

Halloween Cupcake Baking

With some very scary decorating.

Well, we aren't professionals now are we, bwahahahahaha

Just so you know, they may look very very scary but they were totally delisious and decorated by G.

So Excited

I am so ready for November 3. I will be early voting this week. I can't wait! Bye Bye Blanche Lincoln!

And if Barney Frank is re-elected then we know the folks in his state have lost their collective minds.
This is another great video demonstrating what a great God we serve. The One Who made us and then died to reconcile us to Himself is shown throughout all of creation.

If you are so inclined, hit the home section and see some of the other videos from this blogger. Very inspiring, I must say. Seems like we need more of this in these dark days!

This Is Awesome

I found this here.

For all of you praying types, I am requesting prayer for the director of HH, the ministry where I volunteer. She had to have a CT scan on Friday where they found either an aneurysm or a tumor in her brain. She has an appt with a specialist on 10/27. Only prayer at this point will cure her. God may have a different plan that includes treatment or other and that info will be told on the 27th appt. God could also chose to intervene and totally cure her just based on the prayers of His people before that appt. She is feeling the pressure (has been for about a month) and is losing her memory. So far she has no pain but this was not what we wanted to hear obviously.

Pray for her son because he didn't take the news well at all. He is actually pretty devastated by the news actually. No wonder when he was a small child he too had a tumor that was successfully removed with no lasting effects. He is also very close to his mom. He is the sales manager at the same company she manages. So please pray for perfect healing on this side of heaven but also that God's will be done.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Going to Booga Booga Land

This is a great 45 min. video. We watched it 4 times on Sunday after church. There are three stories on the DVD. The first one has the meeting of the friends and records their first attempt at working. They get a job washing windows at a previously agreed upon price. As the day wears on others come to wash windows. At the end the boss pays them all the same. Sound familiar? If not, it is a parable Jesus told. As a matter of fact all of the stories are parables of Jesus. Not one time however in the video is the Bible referenced. The cover of the DVD says they are parables of Jesus.
The next story is of the building the house on the sand or on the rock. The third story is of shining your light to the world. All the stories are valuable life lessons. Like I said we watched it 4 times in a row on Sunday. There are several DVDs in the series and each one has 3 short videos on it. This would make a great gift for children in the family or for friends.
In exchange for my review, I was given this video for free. All opinions are 100% my own.

G, School and the Governor Doctor

Last Thursday was G's spelling test. She couldn't tell me what she made and no one had the make up test because the "governor doctor" came on Friday as a very special guest of the school. In case you are wondering "governor doctor" is the Governor of Arkansas in G-speak. And he is a democrat which didn't make me happy.

So yesterday she brought her spelling test home. She no longer has a record 105% run. She made a 95% on it. She spelled the bonus word "illustration" correctly but missed "shack." She spelled it "shach."

Now please don't misunderstand me, I don't have very high expectations for perfect good grades. But we had practiced over and over all week before the test. She never spelled it wrong until the test. I said, "Why did you miss 'shack'?" She said, "I just like writing 'ch' that's all."

G is really enjoying staying with her friend in the afternoon which is good. She didn't want to leave yesterday so the mom dropped her off on the way to soccer practice for one of her girls. I think I will just not pick her up until 5pm. Today is very long day for G which is making me a bit nervous for reasons I can't describe here. I have to make a phone call to square things away because I am a worry wart, that's why!

G and I are reading The Secret Garden but not making much head way. It is really a long book for a 6 year old. We have a cartoon about it that we both like but it is a bit different than the book. Maybe by Christmas we will be done, heh.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

First Two Days

So far so good. I love being back downtown. It is so nice to be able to walk everywhere. I have several friends I can meet for coffee ('cause I sniffed out the *bucks). The job is not difficult but I haven't really started yet. There are a lot of things to remember and eventually I will have it all down. I am still not exactly sure what the purpose of my job is yet.

I share a cube with someone and most everyone wears earphones to their i-pods. Everyone so far is very nice but mostly have a herd mentality ('cause we are all temps) and don't know the reasons behind what they are doing. That is frustrating to me. I like to know the whys because it helps me put all the pieces together for the whats.

I bring my lunch; the kitchen is very nice here. They are going "green" though and use real glass plates etc and real metal utensils. No plastic and no Styrofoam. Whatev...

I get home to pick up G before 5pm which is oh so nice. G is still adjusting to my working but we will get through it. I can get to work by 8am. As long as it isn't raining or too cold I enjoy the morning walk from parking garage to building. Not too far not too close.

So lunch is over now and I have to go train some more.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Rough Morning

I hate shoes. Flip flops are the bomb. Shoes not so much. I actually only hate them for the distress G puts me through as she is putting on her shoes. She can put them on and tie them but they touch her pinkie toe or they are too tight or her foot doesn't go into the soul far enough, you get the drift. She is in a size 12 but she claims they are too small. The size 13s all rub her on the back of the heels because they are way too big. She has a narrow foot which is why I thought the NB would be good shoes. Obviously I was wrong. Come back summer.

Actually today is PE and that is the only reason she is wearing tennis shoes today. It is going to be 90 degrees today and probably the rest of the week. So we have more flip flop weather than tennis shoe weather still.

Anyway, at breakfast G said, "Yea I only have 3 more months." I had no clue what she was talking about and she said, "January, when you get off this job." I haven't even started and she is ready for me not to work already, heh.

Anyway, I still have a sinus infection, needing meds to stop the drip causing coughs. Today I start the new job which I am not necessarily nervous about, but it is new. I just hope to contain the coughs for the day or week or whatev. I barely slept due to the reactive airway and all. Literally, not sure what to take. I am heading to the pharmacy to find something before I go to work.

Saturday, October 09, 2010

Need a Reason to Vote in November?

Then watch this.
You now have your reasons. Let's have a lame duck president for the next two years then vote him out as well. Michelle claimed it is terrible to be the first lady, fine let's give her a way out. Get rid of the dems and rinos in the house and senate.

Lets Go Backwards

in time that is. We are currently hanging out at my parents house. G is playing video games while I am catching up on e-mail and google reader.

This morning was our soccer game. They lost again. G didn't play as well as she had been either. It could have been tiredness, stress from the morning meltdown or the week in general, or just being obstinant. Who knows. I forgot all both of my cameras, and so I expected G to make many goals. Actually, I am glad she didn't. I wouldn't want to miss any.

Last night we attended for the first time a karate class held at a local church on Monday and Friday evenings. We can attend the classes for a while for free to see if she will stick with it. I wouldn't have known anything about it except for the food drive yesterday morning.

So we signed up a total of 444 households. We fed roughly 376 households. About 5 were not previously signed up. We had only 400 spots open in reality. There is about a 16% no show rate some due to lack of transportation, some for illness, and some for believing they are entitled to whatever, whenever so "I'll catch it next time" kind of attitude. The latter ones are the most frustrating. The food drive was shortened by 3 hours with increase attendance from the last few drives. When I say food drive I really mean food giveaway. We were giving not collecting. Anyway, seemed to be a few hotter attitudes which almost caused a fist fight, the police were called (and not happy) over the traffic situation which was not anticipated falling over into the hwy, and the (unknown to me at the time) karate teacher almost lost a finger to a box cutter.

By speaking with the karate teacher about her finger, I learned she was going to teach karate that evening and would allow G, who is 6, to attend and check it out as long as I stayed with her. So we did. Something has happened that was unexpected, but not necessarily totally unanticipated with regard to her reaction, that is forcing me to get her into something that will (I hope) give her boldness. 'Nuff said about that.

Thursday morning I had an interview via the temp agency, yep same one, but this time it panned out and I start tomorrow at 9:30am. It is an audit position, not much money but could be great future potential. Also it is only 35 hours a week which means I will be home at a good time. I can even still volunteer some at the ministry when I get off but before picking up G.

I also had an interview the same afternoon via phone for an events planner, marketing person which I could do but that is not my experience. I am pretty sure I didn't get that position either.

Since I have a sinus infection/drainage issue I also have reactive airway issues. So by the time I was ready to hang up the phone from the interview I had gotten hot and started coughing/gagging. I had to strip down where I was, in the kitchen. G said, "Why are you naked?" I wasn't but in her eyes I was. I needed to get cool quickly and that was the easiest way to do so. After I got in control I re-dressed and we headed to get necessary groceries. Our weather right now is cool in the mornings and evenings and summer in the mid-day and afternoons.

After the grocery store we headed back to the ministry and I sat in on the fund raising committee meeting while G and a friend played. By opening up my mouth I now have been assigned some things to do for the ministry. I am not on the board which is fine and other than the lateness of the evening I didn't mind joining the committee. G and I are both very tired. We have had 3 pretty late nights this week.

Not much going on for Mon-Wed that I can remember anyway. G still really likes GAs, Wednesday night activity. We got our answer this week about G going to the GAs lock in on the 15th. She is not ready to be unsupervised over-night with bigger kids or even kids her own age for that matter.

Today leaving the soccer game we ran into one of G's old daycare teachers. This teacher had G when she turned 2. She noted that G has lost her baby face and now looks like a little girl. I agree. She doesn't look like a baby anymore, just a growing little girl.

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Did You Hear? Freedom of Speech Around the World Is at Stake

News about individuals speaking out against the terror that Islam is:

"And just last month, Molly Norris, an unknown Seattle cartoonist, had to go into witness protection because she dared to initiate “Everyone Draw Muhammad Day,” a response to the Muslim death threats against the producers of Comedy Central (they dared to utter the name “Muhammad,” and put him in a huggy bear costume). So Norris has to change her name, leave her job, her home, her life, at her own expense, because jihadists holding the world hostage were…offended.

"Molly Norris should be the top story of the day. Norris should be splashed on the front pages of newspapers nationwide. Norris should be the poster girl for media and free press everywhere. Instead, no one knows who the hell Norris is.

"The real hero of freedom is not Daisy Khan, but Geert Wilders and others who stand with him. The real ones under threat are not Daisy Khan and the Imam Rauf, but people who have spoken out, even accidentally like Molly Norris, and those who are opposing their Islamic supremacist plan to put a mosque at Ground Zero.

"Geert Wilders is our proxy. We are all on trial. Our freedom of speech is on trial. The Organization of the Islamic Conference means to shut us all up. That’s what they were doing in Chicago last week."

This is a serious threat. We all need to speak out against sharia law and taqyyia. Honestly, how do you trust people who say Islam is a religion of peace when part of the religion says it is a good thing to lie to infidels (that would be me and you non islam folks) in order to help Islam progress.

Dangerous Relatives, heh

So glad there is one relative of Obama that is sane and on the right side. Go to the site. Dr. Wolf's site is awesome too.

Medical Care Under Obama

FDA apparently wants to allow women in stage 4 breast cancer to die by stopping the approval of Avastin but want to kill teens and pre-teens by not investigating the deaths surrounding this.
This is managed care at its best. I guess they are going green by removing this earth of people who harm it? Where is sanity in our world? None of this makes any sense really.

So How Was That For Whiney?

Sorry about that last post. I am so tired and the week is only half over. G is very tired too even needing to stay in bed while I fix breakfast which has not been what she has been doing. She even fell back asleep this morning.

As I stated last I have been at the ministry helping out with the emergency food referrals. We have at least 10 families a week needing emergency food. It is really bad out there still. Lots of unemployed workers looking but nothing there. Lots of delays in food stamp money too.

Good news is coming in the form of reviews, one on a DVD and one on a book, but I haven't received either yet so just stay tuned.

No new pictures of G either, but soccer is coming Saturday. We are aiming for two goals by her this Saturday. If I can get her to admit her fears out there and get over them; she may have a goal or two.

G and I have had some interesting and funny (to me) conversations, lately. Sunday as we headed to the life chain G said, "I should have brought an introduction." I, only half listening, couldn't figure out to whom she wished to be introduced. When I said, "You know Ms. S, you don't need an introduction." She kicked her feet very frustrated with me and said, "NOOOOO, an 'introduction,' you know, to keep me busy, like my leapster." I said, "You mean 'entertainment' not introduction. An 'introduction' is when you meet someone for the first time. 'Entertainment' is something to keep you busy."

There was another one I was going to remember but have now forgotten. Next time I remember it I will write it down since I still haven't a computer at home. Still praying for that too!

I Give Up and Other Ramblings

The house cleaning thing didn't work out either due to schedules of the home owners. Seems everything I try to arrange just flows right back down dragging all hope of ending this unemployment with it.

So I have an interview tomorrow via the same temp agency that provided the last non-job, job. Not much per hour but huge potential and working alone auditing files.

I also have lined up a healthfair at a place where I sit and read a book while employees come pick up paper about their benefits and some even complain bitterly about what they don't like and I smile and nod, knowingly. But the job pays $18 an hour (upside) from 6am to 4:30pm (downside). G will have to spend the night somewhere that I have yet arranged. That is a whole 'nuther story.

Today I dressed up to speak with a principal at one of the schools who will have an office position available. Very little money but very good schedule, perfect for single moms with school aged kids. No news and probably will go to a school employee.

I can't seem to shake the sinus drainage/soar throat I have had for the last two weeks. I am the biggest baby when it comes to soar throats!! I am beginning to feel badly with headache and all. G even started with the coughing this morning. Praying we stay well through the weather change. It is fall in the morning and evenings but summer at high noon!

The food give away is Friday, and I am stressed. I have very angry people, who for some reason or another missed getting an appt, calling me, but there is really nothing I can do now. We have 450 people signed up for 400 spots. If 60 don't come as has been in the past then we will have only 10 sets of food left over. So I am praying 60 won't come like in the past. Otherwise we will draing the emergency food dry just filling the appts. Like I said, consistently we have had about 60 not show up for the free food.

And I haven't picked up my parents mail in almost a week. I will go tonight but I am sure the box is beyond full. G has a long day today. She says she misses me most on Wed. because it is so long and "for many hours" she has to play in the gym then go to supper then GAs. We had to love a lot last night for her to be able to go today and not miss me as much.

Every morning I pray over her, which she apparently wants because she gets still for me while I do so. I need to pray over her to help her understand how much Jesus is apart of her day and how He helps her through her day. Also, because my fuse is very short so she needs affirmation that I love her, which I hope praying shows. At six she can tell me when she feels I love her the most and when she feels that I don't which is at the fuse blowing. Of course, I do love her more than can be imagined.

I am so ready for the weekend and it is only Wed. I need a break. I have been at the ministry everyday this week and because it is cold I have had all three animals in the bed at night which doesn't go very well as one cat hisses, spits and growls at the dog all the time.

Gotta go feed someone, an emergency situation has come up now though.

Monday, October 04, 2010

Soccer and Sundays

Saturday was soccer. G got hit in the face with a ball. She cried while I carried her off the field. They lost again. She still likes soccer though. She is a bit afraid when meeting an opponent in front of the ball; she will not kick first.

Saturday afternoon we attended a festival at our church where G received a prize for a game that included balloons. She figured out how to blow up the balloon so big that it popped and hit her in the eye. She is fine now but things weren't good Saturday afternoon. I even called the eye doc just to be sure we didn't need to go anywhere. She kept a cold compress on it, I added antibiotic drops (which we had) according to the doc's advice and gave her ibuprofen that night. Sunday her eye was a bit more swollen than the other still, but other people wouldn't have necessarily noticed it. This morning she was fine and is looking forward to soccer tonight!
Sunday we stood for the Life Chain in big city next to us. There is a gap near the river, so next year I will try to organize our church to stand in that gap. While we were waiting for 2pm G chased bubbles, spun in circles and ran backwards and forwards. It was a beautiful sunny day just the right temp not too hot and not too cold. My fingers did freeze a bit while blowing bubbles, though.
We stood with a Catholic church in front of a famous hotel. They were all clumped together, and G and I didn't have signs. While there two of the horse/carriage rides came by and let us pet the horses. One horse was Pie and his dog was Sunny (yellow lab) and the other horse was Scout and his dog was Mishca (10 mnth old pitbull). The dogs are tradition so says the drivers.
I think they must have started out for safety although, Sunny wasn't going to miss her nap for anything. Both horses were 6 years old.
The little boy was also with the group. He was 4 and very worried about why G wouldn't talk to him. She did chase bubbles and pet horses with him but actually wouldn't speak to him.
After that we headed to the *bucks to meet our friend S. G wanted to try a steamed vanilla milk and then later spilled it in the car, ugh. She only liked the froth anyway. I told her she couldn't have another one because it is cheaper to just get a glass of cold milk and vanilla flavor, which I know she likes and will finish.
I didn't get a nap on Sunday either; I am feeling it now.

Friday, October 01, 2010

Need Advice

I have an opportunity to clean/organize someone's house but I don't know how to price it. Help me. Funny how I usually can clean organize someone else but me, not so much. She claims her house is filthy and she has two teen boys. I have no idea how to price this or really even if I want to, but to be paid I think I can do it. Maybe it can work into something more stable and permanent.

I Love Fall

Especially after the very warm and dry summer we have had. It is supposed to be a high of 78 and 79 today and tomorrow. This is real soccer weather. Speaking of soccer, did y ou like that transition? G's teacher Ms. D is planning on coming to one of her soccer games and yes G is excited. Of course if she does G will, as is normal, ignore her and not acknowledge her presence but will talk about it later as if she really did speak to her.
This is G's school picture. I had originally requested a green background but after looking at the pic (better in person) I actually like the gold. So I guess I will keep the pic.

Anyway, I still have a sinus infection. My cycle is riding through making me more miserable. Also, I got a letter from the AR unemployment office claiming I falsified information and actually worked after 1/23/09 for three weeks. I had to write an appeal letter and am sending copies of the two blog posts I did about being laid off and about going to the unemployment office sending it today. I am so mad. The three weeks they are claiming I worked are the three weeks severance that was paid to me after I was humiliatingly walked out. I just hope it doesn't affect my TN unemployment.
We have a busy fall but still no work for me, ugh! But G and I have a new tradition at our house. We have a fun jar that has specific things to do on individual papers like "play hopscotch," "start a new holiday tradition," or "give each other a big hug." So last night G was digging through the jar and pulling out some of the things until she found the big hug one and said, "This was the one I was looking for."
I told her we would do the things if we had time or we would save it until we did have time. And yes I did play hopscotch with her on her own hand drawn hopscotch board that has very tiny boxes making it difficult for my big feet to fit which made G laugh very much.