Saturday, October 30, 2010

147 million orphans

One child's journey in comparison to another child's journey. From two different countries, from two different continents, on two different journeys that are so very similar. Remember there is a need for families to step forward and pour into the lives of children who are not as fortunate to have a forever family. There is also a need for forever families, could your family be one?

Both of these stories just gripped my heart. I told G that November was adoption awareness month. She asked what that was and I told her it was to make people aware of children who don't have permanent families and need to be adopted. She said, "Well, we don't need to celebrate that do we?" Interpretation is that she has a family so we don't have to celebrate needing a family. Yes we are lucky to have each other in a family. I am supremely lucky that she is my daughter!! I forever will believe that.

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