Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Did You Hear? Freedom of Speech Around the World Is at Stake

News about individuals speaking out against the terror that Islam is:

"And just last month, Molly Norris, an unknown Seattle cartoonist, had to go into witness protection because she dared to initiate “Everyone Draw Muhammad Day,” a response to the Muslim death threats against the producers of Comedy Central (they dared to utter the name “Muhammad,” and put him in a huggy bear costume). So Norris has to change her name, leave her job, her home, her life, at her own expense, because jihadists holding the world hostage were…offended.

"Molly Norris should be the top story of the day. Norris should be splashed on the front pages of newspapers nationwide. Norris should be the poster girl for media and free press everywhere. Instead, no one knows who the hell Norris is.

"The real hero of freedom is not Daisy Khan, but Geert Wilders and others who stand with him. The real ones under threat are not Daisy Khan and the Imam Rauf, but people who have spoken out, even accidentally like Molly Norris, and those who are opposing their Islamic supremacist plan to put a mosque at Ground Zero.

"Geert Wilders is our proxy. We are all on trial. Our freedom of speech is on trial. The Organization of the Islamic Conference means to shut us all up. That’s what they were doing in Chicago last week."

This is a serious threat. We all need to speak out against sharia law and taqyyia. Honestly, how do you trust people who say Islam is a religion of peace when part of the religion says it is a good thing to lie to infidels (that would be me and you non islam folks) in order to help Islam progress.

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