Wednesday, October 13, 2010

G, School and the Governor Doctor

Last Thursday was G's spelling test. She couldn't tell me what she made and no one had the make up test because the "governor doctor" came on Friday as a very special guest of the school. In case you are wondering "governor doctor" is the Governor of Arkansas in G-speak. And he is a democrat which didn't make me happy.

So yesterday she brought her spelling test home. She no longer has a record 105% run. She made a 95% on it. She spelled the bonus word "illustration" correctly but missed "shack." She spelled it "shach."

Now please don't misunderstand me, I don't have very high expectations for perfect good grades. But we had practiced over and over all week before the test. She never spelled it wrong until the test. I said, "Why did you miss 'shack'?" She said, "I just like writing 'ch' that's all."

G is really enjoying staying with her friend in the afternoon which is good. She didn't want to leave yesterday so the mom dropped her off on the way to soccer practice for one of her girls. I think I will just not pick her up until 5pm. Today is very long day for G which is making me a bit nervous for reasons I can't describe here. I have to make a phone call to square things away because I am a worry wart, that's why!

G and I are reading The Secret Garden but not making much head way. It is really a long book for a 6 year old. We have a cartoon about it that we both like but it is a bit different than the book. Maybe by Christmas we will be done, heh.

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