Wednesday, October 20, 2010

G's Longest Day of the Year

Happens today. I had previously agreed to accept a temp job that starts at 5:30am so that warranted G having to spend the night somewhere. Of course after accepting that one day gig I was offered the one I am at until January (but praying it is longer). Well, G has been anxious about it really since I mentioned it to her and worse as the day approaches. Today is that day. She has been at school, then to aftercare, choir, and finally GAs. I won't see her again until tomorrow afternoon when I pick her up from the sitter's. Then we have her parent teacher conference.

I feel so badly for her but really what am I to do? I had to accept it. The parents have been out of town for 3 weeks shy of 3 months due to family business. They wouldn't come back for this. Sort of ticked me off but G really will be okay. Anyhoo, pray for her little emotional self. She is very anxious about being away from me even though I keep telling her she can do anything for one night!


Steph B said...

I hope everything goes okay - for both of you! How is the job going?

The Byrd's Nest said...

Oh my....Lottie would come unglued:( I will be praying for peace in little heart...God bless really can't help it Bev. You are doing the best you can and praise the Lord you have a job now:)

Heather BT said...

Prayers my friend, I know it's hard. I hated leaving Acer when we went for Calli, that was almost 3 weeks without him (Bill went back early tho')