Wednesday, October 06, 2010

I Give Up and Other Ramblings

The house cleaning thing didn't work out either due to schedules of the home owners. Seems everything I try to arrange just flows right back down dragging all hope of ending this unemployment with it.

So I have an interview tomorrow via the same temp agency that provided the last non-job, job. Not much per hour but huge potential and working alone auditing files.

I also have lined up a healthfair at a place where I sit and read a book while employees come pick up paper about their benefits and some even complain bitterly about what they don't like and I smile and nod, knowingly. But the job pays $18 an hour (upside) from 6am to 4:30pm (downside). G will have to spend the night somewhere that I have yet arranged. That is a whole 'nuther story.

Today I dressed up to speak with a principal at one of the schools who will have an office position available. Very little money but very good schedule, perfect for single moms with school aged kids. No news and probably will go to a school employee.

I can't seem to shake the sinus drainage/soar throat I have had for the last two weeks. I am the biggest baby when it comes to soar throats!! I am beginning to feel badly with headache and all. G even started with the coughing this morning. Praying we stay well through the weather change. It is fall in the morning and evenings but summer at high noon!

The food give away is Friday, and I am stressed. I have very angry people, who for some reason or another missed getting an appt, calling me, but there is really nothing I can do now. We have 450 people signed up for 400 spots. If 60 don't come as has been in the past then we will have only 10 sets of food left over. So I am praying 60 won't come like in the past. Otherwise we will draing the emergency food dry just filling the appts. Like I said, consistently we have had about 60 not show up for the free food.

And I haven't picked up my parents mail in almost a week. I will go tonight but I am sure the box is beyond full. G has a long day today. She says she misses me most on Wed. because it is so long and "for many hours" she has to play in the gym then go to supper then GAs. We had to love a lot last night for her to be able to go today and not miss me as much.

Every morning I pray over her, which she apparently wants because she gets still for me while I do so. I need to pray over her to help her understand how much Jesus is apart of her day and how He helps her through her day. Also, because my fuse is very short so she needs affirmation that I love her, which I hope praying shows. At six she can tell me when she feels I love her the most and when she feels that I don't which is at the fuse blowing. Of course, I do love her more than can be imagined.

I am so ready for the weekend and it is only Wed. I need a break. I have been at the ministry everyday this week and because it is cold I have had all three animals in the bed at night which doesn't go very well as one cat hisses, spits and growls at the dog all the time.

Gotta go feed someone, an emergency situation has come up now though.

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Eliza2006 said...

My sister got married a couple of weeks ago and the man that married them specifically told them to say positive things about one another in their family prayers...and when they have children say positive thing about their children and express their love and gratitude for them to Heavenly Father. I thought that was such nice advice and I have tried to do that every morning and evening during our family prayers.