Friday, October 01, 2010

I Love Fall

Especially after the very warm and dry summer we have had. It is supposed to be a high of 78 and 79 today and tomorrow. This is real soccer weather. Speaking of soccer, did y ou like that transition? G's teacher Ms. D is planning on coming to one of her soccer games and yes G is excited. Of course if she does G will, as is normal, ignore her and not acknowledge her presence but will talk about it later as if she really did speak to her.
This is G's school picture. I had originally requested a green background but after looking at the pic (better in person) I actually like the gold. So I guess I will keep the pic.

Anyway, I still have a sinus infection. My cycle is riding through making me more miserable. Also, I got a letter from the AR unemployment office claiming I falsified information and actually worked after 1/23/09 for three weeks. I had to write an appeal letter and am sending copies of the two blog posts I did about being laid off and about going to the unemployment office sending it today. I am so mad. The three weeks they are claiming I worked are the three weeks severance that was paid to me after I was humiliatingly walked out. I just hope it doesn't affect my TN unemployment.
We have a busy fall but still no work for me, ugh! But G and I have a new tradition at our house. We have a fun jar that has specific things to do on individual papers like "play hopscotch," "start a new holiday tradition," or "give each other a big hug." So last night G was digging through the jar and pulling out some of the things until she found the big hug one and said, "This was the one I was looking for."
I told her we would do the things if we had time or we would save it until we did have time. And yes I did play hopscotch with her on her own hand drawn hopscotch board that has very tiny boxes making it difficult for my big feet to fit which made G laugh very much.


Steph B said...

A beautiful picture of G. I'm so sorry that you have even more stress from the UI office. :( Hope you get it worked out and that you're feeling better soon!

Vivian M said...

Love her school picture! Kerri's school pictures will be taken on Monday.

Good luck with the UI office, it seems like a never ending story. I can share with you that hubby's severance pay was considered as salary and therefore he did not qualify for unemployment until after the severance period ran out. But that is here in Canada, not sure how the US works.