Saturday, October 09, 2010

Lets Go Backwards

in time that is. We are currently hanging out at my parents house. G is playing video games while I am catching up on e-mail and google reader.

This morning was our soccer game. They lost again. G didn't play as well as she had been either. It could have been tiredness, stress from the morning meltdown or the week in general, or just being obstinant. Who knows. I forgot all both of my cameras, and so I expected G to make many goals. Actually, I am glad she didn't. I wouldn't want to miss any.

Last night we attended for the first time a karate class held at a local church on Monday and Friday evenings. We can attend the classes for a while for free to see if she will stick with it. I wouldn't have known anything about it except for the food drive yesterday morning.

So we signed up a total of 444 households. We fed roughly 376 households. About 5 were not previously signed up. We had only 400 spots open in reality. There is about a 16% no show rate some due to lack of transportation, some for illness, and some for believing they are entitled to whatever, whenever so "I'll catch it next time" kind of attitude. The latter ones are the most frustrating. The food drive was shortened by 3 hours with increase attendance from the last few drives. When I say food drive I really mean food giveaway. We were giving not collecting. Anyway, seemed to be a few hotter attitudes which almost caused a fist fight, the police were called (and not happy) over the traffic situation which was not anticipated falling over into the hwy, and the (unknown to me at the time) karate teacher almost lost a finger to a box cutter.

By speaking with the karate teacher about her finger, I learned she was going to teach karate that evening and would allow G, who is 6, to attend and check it out as long as I stayed with her. So we did. Something has happened that was unexpected, but not necessarily totally unanticipated with regard to her reaction, that is forcing me to get her into something that will (I hope) give her boldness. 'Nuff said about that.

Thursday morning I had an interview via the temp agency, yep same one, but this time it panned out and I start tomorrow at 9:30am. It is an audit position, not much money but could be great future potential. Also it is only 35 hours a week which means I will be home at a good time. I can even still volunteer some at the ministry when I get off but before picking up G.

I also had an interview the same afternoon via phone for an events planner, marketing person which I could do but that is not my experience. I am pretty sure I didn't get that position either.

Since I have a sinus infection/drainage issue I also have reactive airway issues. So by the time I was ready to hang up the phone from the interview I had gotten hot and started coughing/gagging. I had to strip down where I was, in the kitchen. G said, "Why are you naked?" I wasn't but in her eyes I was. I needed to get cool quickly and that was the easiest way to do so. After I got in control I re-dressed and we headed to get necessary groceries. Our weather right now is cool in the mornings and evenings and summer in the mid-day and afternoons.

After the grocery store we headed back to the ministry and I sat in on the fund raising committee meeting while G and a friend played. By opening up my mouth I now have been assigned some things to do for the ministry. I am not on the board which is fine and other than the lateness of the evening I didn't mind joining the committee. G and I are both very tired. We have had 3 pretty late nights this week.

Not much going on for Mon-Wed that I can remember anyway. G still really likes GAs, Wednesday night activity. We got our answer this week about G going to the GAs lock in on the 15th. She is not ready to be unsupervised over-night with bigger kids or even kids her own age for that matter.

Today leaving the soccer game we ran into one of G's old daycare teachers. This teacher had G when she turned 2. She noted that G has lost her baby face and now looks like a little girl. I agree. She doesn't look like a baby anymore, just a growing little girl.


Vivian M said...

Wow, it sounds like an eventful few days! Good luck with the audit/temp position, hope it works out. And Karate would be wonderful for Miss G! Kerri is really benefitting from her Martial Arts studies: not only is she getting more exercise, but she is confident and focused.
Hoping this week keeps getting better.

The Byrd's Nest said...

She really is beginning to look like a young lady...I see it in Lottie too sometimes:(

Praise the Lord you at least have some money coming in!!!! I know it's not much but I will just keep praying for a better paying job:)

I so admire your strength Bev and your constant faith in the Lord. You are such a testimony my friend.

Steph B said...

Good news on the temp position! I hope it turns into something permanent, assuming you like it there and the position is a good fit for you! I hope you have a great first day!