Friday, October 22, 2010

Long Day Update

G made it fine, I on the other hand, not so much. She was a bit teary when I told her good-bye Wed. night but she was fine the rest of the time. Well, except for the whole holding of the poop issue. She told her teacher that her "crack" hurt. Then as soon as I got to her she said, "I need to go potty." She was shocked that I already knew about her hurting bum.

From there we headed to her teacher conference where I learned she has a B in comprehension and reading. I haven't seen that many Bs come home on her tests so I think it is wrong because it was an 84 not an 89 average. The teacher is supposed to check on it. We had to discuss G's very VERY literal understanding of the world and of the spoken language. G also starts thinking of questions to ask as soon as the teacher starts explaining test questions therefore she doesn't hear the directions. She does that with me too. That drives me batty.

G also has a problem with being too wordy which actually blows the minds of people who meet her because she says nothing, at all. So when she is telling a very busy teacher a problem the length of time it takes her to get the problem out puts the teacher off and then G doesn't feel heard. And due to the whole wordy thing she isn't heard. I had to give G examples of how to tell the teacher about a problem quickly last night. Now because she is also so very literal, the examples I gave will be the only time G thinks she can use it. I hope she can make the leap when necessary.

Oh and we had to discuss the difference again of the tattle tale. With Mrs. D's help maybe we have her convinced that some things like a child spitting in another child's hair or putting wood chips in other children's hair is appropriate to tell a teacher. But we have to work on the being quick and to the point.

After the conference we headed to DQ for supper. Like always just as we couldn't leave the table, she needs to go potty. So I make her wait and then take her to poop. I told her she really needed to wait to get home be able to relax at home. She said, "Yeah, that has handles to help smash it out" referring to holding on to the seat ring which is still in use on her own potty, heh.

This morning is staff dev. which means no school. I arranged care for her and at 6 am she popped out of bed saying, "Yea, I get to go to K's." She was even dressed and ready to leave a good 10 mins earlier than on school days. Oh the power of school vacations.

As far as I was concerned I was at a health fair, got there too early, wore too high and pointy shoes for way too long (15 hours), listened to people tell me they hate me because I was the benefit rep for that company, and had a big miscommunication which almost caused me to lose my mind all on less than 3 hours sleep. I am alive but my feet hurt. I do believe they will rebel the next time I try to wear those very cute but oh so uncomfy shoes again.

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