Saturday, October 30, 2010

Of Halloween Past

This picture is of G in 2008 when she went as an artist. Of course this costume was completely and quickly ditched at the door.

As we are getting ready for this Halloween I am reminded of all the past Halloween celebrations when I was a child. The thinking is actually comparing the current costume situation with all those of my childhood. I never got to be what I really ever wanted to be because I had to wear what we already had or could make easily. Sound familiar? Well, it is deja vu all over again at the M household. G is wearing a costume that is homemade because of cost for one and because of her own dis-like of dressing up as anything that is sold as Halloween costumes anyway.

But costumes aren't the only memory I have of past Halloweens. I have one memory of being so sick I didn't get to trick or treat or even go to school for the party. I also have a memory of me begging mom to let me go through a haunted house. I begged and pleaded so much that she let me go but for which she ought to have had social services sic'd on her which she should have refused to allow due to my already fearful nature.

You would think I would have more empathy for G's fears knowing how fearful I was as a child. I don't and this post is about me anyway, but aren't they all?

Anyboo, that was literally the most heart stopping event of my life. I don't know how I managed to survive, truly frightful. When I left the haunted house I know I was in a run so fast that I really don't remember actually even touching the ground. I also remember jumping into my mom's arms which was remarkable in that she was sitting in the middle of the cab of a pick up truck and I literally jumped up over everyone and into her arms crying hysterically while I believe she told me "I told you so" or something comforting like that.

So the lesson I learned from that, don't go to haunted houses for fun 'cause they so ain't! That and not to giveinto the begging and pleading of a fearful child under any circumstance.

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Sharon said...

You are so right! haha. Love that little trick or treater!