Monday, October 11, 2010

Rough Morning

I hate shoes. Flip flops are the bomb. Shoes not so much. I actually only hate them for the distress G puts me through as she is putting on her shoes. She can put them on and tie them but they touch her pinkie toe or they are too tight or her foot doesn't go into the soul far enough, you get the drift. She is in a size 12 but she claims they are too small. The size 13s all rub her on the back of the heels because they are way too big. She has a narrow foot which is why I thought the NB would be good shoes. Obviously I was wrong. Come back summer.

Actually today is PE and that is the only reason she is wearing tennis shoes today. It is going to be 90 degrees today and probably the rest of the week. So we have more flip flop weather than tennis shoe weather still.

Anyway, at breakfast G said, "Yea I only have 3 more months." I had no clue what she was talking about and she said, "January, when you get off this job." I haven't even started and she is ready for me not to work already, heh.

Anyway, I still have a sinus infection, needing meds to stop the drip causing coughs. Today I start the new job which I am not necessarily nervous about, but it is new. I just hope to contain the coughs for the day or week or whatev. I barely slept due to the reactive airway and all. Literally, not sure what to take. I am heading to the pharmacy to find something before I go to work.


Jennifer said...

Good luck on your new job! I hate shoes as well. Maddie has way to many and Sophie has her favorites.

Steph B said...

How have the first couple of days on the job gone? Hope your sinuses are feeling better! I swear by Mucinex these days for sinus problems.

Kikilia said...

Good shoes for narrow feet are stride rite brand and even nike brand. My Pipsqueak has narrow feet and these two brands have been pretty good.

They even come in narrow at the shoe store which helps.

Congrats on the job!