Wednesday, October 06, 2010

So How Was That For Whiney?

Sorry about that last post. I am so tired and the week is only half over. G is very tired too even needing to stay in bed while I fix breakfast which has not been what she has been doing. She even fell back asleep this morning.

As I stated last I have been at the ministry helping out with the emergency food referrals. We have at least 10 families a week needing emergency food. It is really bad out there still. Lots of unemployed workers looking but nothing there. Lots of delays in food stamp money too.

Good news is coming in the form of reviews, one on a DVD and one on a book, but I haven't received either yet so just stay tuned.

No new pictures of G either, but soccer is coming Saturday. We are aiming for two goals by her this Saturday. If I can get her to admit her fears out there and get over them; she may have a goal or two.

G and I have had some interesting and funny (to me) conversations, lately. Sunday as we headed to the life chain G said, "I should have brought an introduction." I, only half listening, couldn't figure out to whom she wished to be introduced. When I said, "You know Ms. S, you don't need an introduction." She kicked her feet very frustrated with me and said, "NOOOOO, an 'introduction,' you know, to keep me busy, like my leapster." I said, "You mean 'entertainment' not introduction. An 'introduction' is when you meet someone for the first time. 'Entertainment' is something to keep you busy."

There was another one I was going to remember but have now forgotten. Next time I remember it I will write it down since I still haven't a computer at home. Still praying for that too!

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