Monday, October 04, 2010

Soccer and Sundays

Saturday was soccer. G got hit in the face with a ball. She cried while I carried her off the field. They lost again. She still likes soccer though. She is a bit afraid when meeting an opponent in front of the ball; she will not kick first.

Saturday afternoon we attended a festival at our church where G received a prize for a game that included balloons. She figured out how to blow up the balloon so big that it popped and hit her in the eye. She is fine now but things weren't good Saturday afternoon. I even called the eye doc just to be sure we didn't need to go anywhere. She kept a cold compress on it, I added antibiotic drops (which we had) according to the doc's advice and gave her ibuprofen that night. Sunday her eye was a bit more swollen than the other still, but other people wouldn't have necessarily noticed it. This morning she was fine and is looking forward to soccer tonight!
Sunday we stood for the Life Chain in big city next to us. There is a gap near the river, so next year I will try to organize our church to stand in that gap. While we were waiting for 2pm G chased bubbles, spun in circles and ran backwards and forwards. It was a beautiful sunny day just the right temp not too hot and not too cold. My fingers did freeze a bit while blowing bubbles, though.
We stood with a Catholic church in front of a famous hotel. They were all clumped together, and G and I didn't have signs. While there two of the horse/carriage rides came by and let us pet the horses. One horse was Pie and his dog was Sunny (yellow lab) and the other horse was Scout and his dog was Mishca (10 mnth old pitbull). The dogs are tradition so says the drivers.
I think they must have started out for safety although, Sunny wasn't going to miss her nap for anything. Both horses were 6 years old.
The little boy was also with the group. He was 4 and very worried about why G wouldn't talk to him. She did chase bubbles and pet horses with him but actually wouldn't speak to him.
After that we headed to the *bucks to meet our friend S. G wanted to try a steamed vanilla milk and then later spilled it in the car, ugh. She only liked the froth anyway. I told her she couldn't have another one because it is cheaper to just get a glass of cold milk and vanilla flavor, which I know she likes and will finish.
I didn't get a nap on Sunday either; I am feeling it now.

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