Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Straight As and Flu Shots

Just like I thought. G's teacher wrote a note to correct G's report card that had listed one B. G has all As just like I thought. Apparently while entering grades the computer shut down on her and didn't record a 100 test score which brought her comprehension grade down to an 84.5 which when I was in school was actually a C but now a days we are dumbing down the grades so it is a B. Anyway she corrected it and hopefully will be much more careful next 9 weeks. I know G is smart enough to get all As. I also know she is so smart her brain is working away trying to answer or ask all the possible questions related with any of the words coming out of the teacher's mouth at test time.

We had our flu shot yesterday and G did cry but not before the shot was given. She was then rewarded with a chocolate and sprinkle donut. Because of that I almost missed karate last night. G reminded me so back out the door we went making it on time because the instructors were also late. YEA! US. Then G and I practiced her 7 points of the 17 point right or something like that. G maybe ready to test before I know it. She is really doing well and one of the instructors doesn't mind working one on one with her. They are both really nice and patient so that is a plus. And although G looks mighty stressed she assures me she isn't and that she enjoys it. I will have to get pictures Friday to post.

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