Saturday, October 16, 2010

This Is Awesome

I found this here.

For all of you praying types, I am requesting prayer for the director of HH, the ministry where I volunteer. She had to have a CT scan on Friday where they found either an aneurysm or a tumor in her brain. She has an appt with a specialist on 10/27. Only prayer at this point will cure her. God may have a different plan that includes treatment or other and that info will be told on the 27th appt. God could also chose to intervene and totally cure her just based on the prayers of His people before that appt. She is feeling the pressure (has been for about a month) and is losing her memory. So far she has no pain but this was not what we wanted to hear obviously.

Pray for her son because he didn't take the news well at all. He is actually pretty devastated by the news actually. No wonder when he was a small child he too had a tumor that was successfully removed with no lasting effects. He is also very close to his mom. He is the sales manager at the same company she manages. So please pray for perfect healing on this side of heaven but also that God's will be done.

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