Friday, October 29, 2010

A Too Real Dream

The other night and it has been a while I had a most real dream that was absolutely wonderful and so not possible but felt so real. I dreamed that G's Chinese grandmother's tracked us down and both came to the US to see her. They explained that their children, G's parents tried everything to keep her but to no avail due to heavy handed manipulation by the cadres in the family planning units. Oh and they only spoke Chinese but in my dream I totally understood everything even though I didn't. So I was able to introduce G to these beautiful grandmothers as her grandmothers even trying to explain how they can be her grandmothers with her Grammie. G of course even in my dream acted like G, very reluctant and standoffish to them though they were patient.

It was such a good dream. The parents were on the way over having trouble getting out of China, but I think had the dog not interrupted in my dream even the parents were going to come. But like I said the dog woke me up which made me very mad to lose that dream. When I woke up for the dog I still felt all the positive feelings from meeting them and a great sadness that it was really only a dream. I carried that sorrow a few days with me, and I haven't told G the dream yet. She still doesn't understand why we can't just go meet them all anyway that I didn't want to disappoint her. She still talks about this dream (#99 in the list) being so real.

I really wish that my dream some how would come true, and I could unite our families. Maybe one day if not in this world then prayerfully in the next.

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