Saturday, October 30, 2010


We are making homemade chicken soup for supper at my mom's today. We are also going to make a no bake cheesecake for dessert. I have a craving for chicken soup because I have no clue why but I am.

G and I attended a rank test today as well. That counted as class attendence for her as well as gave her an idea about how she will do a test when it comes time. We will miss Monday's class due to a birthday party. My parents came to see her class last night. That was very fun for G. This style is taekwondo. She is learning the form right 17. She hasn't realized or maybe it hasn't yet connected that what she is learning are the strikes she would hit a person if needed. One day she will and I hope she will never need it.

By the way, anyone out there in the interwebs out grow a black karate uniform in about a size 6 or 7 or rather for a 6 year old? If so please contact me so I can either buy it from you or beg for it to be handed down to G, pleasepleasepleaseplease .

About work, we had a halloween party Friday. That was fun. What I don't like is that my cube mate has visitors from around the office and they whisper behind me. Now I am not being paranoid that they are talking about me (but they could be); however, I will say it is most annoying to know a conversation is taking place and I am totally uninvited into it. I don't mind not being involved but I wish they would take it outside. It is just rude to whisper around someone. I think they are complaining about the company because my cube mate is leaving at the end of the month (Nov.) Oh and because I am a temp and haven't put in enough hours to get paid for volunteer, I will lose three days this month, two in a week.

AR didn't acknowledge my appeal at all and are now charging me $862 plus interest for overpayment from the first 3 weeks of unemployment in 2009. They thing that really really bothers me is the accusation of fraud. I would have no problem with a letter stating they had made a mistake but I know I filed and claimed my severence in the beginning of the unemployment. The state is claiming I committed fraud and I am now facing fines and jail time. No, I don't have any money to pay it back, so I am totally screwed, but I also didn't commit fraud. I wonder what they are going to accuse me of when they realize they and TN paid in Aug 09 after TN failed to notify them of the TN obligation. I also didn't know about TN's obligation until AR did. AR should have known though even before me because I had never been on UE before whereas AR administers it!! And that is 19 weeks at $431 not just 2.

Oh and my net weekly pay if I don't miss a day is $356. If I miss a day it is $312. And I claimed federal exemption because I know I won't owe fed taxes this year. And I have $40 weekly gas expense that I didn't have when not working as well as a $5 per day p/u fee for G. Two new expenses I didn't have before work with not much money to pay it and a huge debt hanging over me.

Is talking about finances still taboo? Shouldn't be. How will you know what to pray if needs are specifically shared? And I truly do need prayer at this point.

Hopefully I will have G's costume made for tomorrow's trunk and treat deal. I will be sure to post pics.

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