Saturday, November 13, 2010

Illegal Immigration

In our big city news paper there has been (in conjunction with the school system I might add) a story about an illegal immigrant, his journey to America and the people he left behind. It is written to make you very very sad for this guy and try to make a case to legalise all the illegal aliens in the US. I think the article series is trying to get lots of sympathy for this and other similar cases.

Personally, the author ought to follow someone who is applying legally and follow that path of bureaucratic paperwork and passing of time to show the difficulty and heartbreak of those individuals who are denied or forced to wait for unreasonable issues. People like this who provided jobs aren't given much thought against the border runners coming up from Mexico. Sad really, this couple do it right and get punished while the Dems are crying in their drink over Arizona trying to protect its citizens by enforcing Federal law.

First off it must be said that if someone comes here illegally they have already broken a law showing they have no respect for this new land. Second, illegals are using, for free, services reserved for citizens in need. We should have no problem with people coming here legally, but the ones coming illegally are taking away precious time and effort that could be used to get those individuals who have played by the rules to America legally. If we don't secure our borders the harm and physical and financial damage illegals do to the US will only get worse over time. Arizona has it right. Obama has it wrong.

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