Wednesday, November 24, 2010

It's Thanksgiving Time

I'm really feeling fine...

And if you need directions to cook a turkey, here is G's instructions:

"I cook my torkey like this. I pule the fethers off. Then I cleen it. And then I put it in the pan, and then I put it in the uven. And then I eat it." (for those who couldn't read it)

What further instructions could you ask for?

Oh and I forgot to take a picture of the karate uniform Monday because we were running a bit late. Coming in late to class costs 10 push ups and so far we have avoided that. I will next time for sure though. Here is a not very good pic taken with my video recorder/camera:

Happy Thanksgiving everybody. May God grant traveling mercies for all of you needing to travel this Thanksgiving weekend.


Jennifer said...

Love it! G looks so serious in her class. Happy Thanksgiving to you guys.

Vivian M said...

Thank you Miss G for the instructions on how to cook a turkey!

Love her Karate outfit!