Monday, November 22, 2010

Productive Sunday

I had a most productive Sunday and didn't even get a nap. No nap was actually not a good thing, other than that though it was very productive.

Anyway, I managed to finish 11 Christmas gifts, from which my hands still smell like vanilla, get G's patch on her new gi, and get the free Christmas cards from Shutterfly done. That did take a minute but I got it done. And now for your viewing pleasure, the Moore family 2010 Christmas card:

Yes, I am fully aware of the fact that she has a fall shirt on but she looked so cute yesterday morning leaving for church that I took her photo in the back yard. It seems to me to be much harder now to make the time to get a good Christmas picture or for that matter any picture especially since I have no computer at home. I lose my motivation to make pics.

G also got her gi on Friday but I haven't taken a good picture of that either. I plan on bringing the good camera to karate tonight for a really good picture of her in it. And yes she does look adorable fierce in it; until I post it you will have to take my word.

So my favorite holiday is this week. I love the idea of taking time to thank our Savior for his provision of this year. And yes I know I should be doing so everyday but this holiday, so far untainted by the commercialism of Christmas and Easter really does make a mark on me. I promise it is the holiday not the food as I really dislike traditional Thanksgiving fare.



Cuuuute card and photo! She is getting SOO big and lovely!

Vivian M said...

I love the card, and the Fall theme. Miss G is really getting tall! I am looking forward to seeing her in her Karate outfit!