Wednesday, November 10, 2010

This Is the 2000th Post

And if I had had my act together I might have done something special for you all but alas I didn't. I will regale you with stories straight from G's heart though. She has come up with some doozies lately. G has said she lived in a trailer when she was in China. She remembers it. She said when she was "18 or 17 old or maybe 16" her foster momma showed her pictures and told her about where she lived. I told her that I had her when she was "18 or 17 old or maybe 16" (months) not her foster momma. Then she changed the age and said, "Well was I held by my foster mom at 8 or 7?" And I said, "Yes at 7 or 8 months you were probably with your foster mom."

Then she told me that her China dad was really old and died already but her China mom was really young and still alive. She said she had papers that told her where she lived and where her China mom is. Oh how I wish it were so.

Yeah so the imaginations of a child are wonderful things. And yes we have open and (as honest as I can be with the info I have) honest conversations about China, her time there and her adoption into our family.

So much for anything big on this 2000th post for the blog. Thanks for continuing to read. Oh and as a last request, please stick your neck out and leave a comment to let me know who you are, where you are from (blog addy is fine too), and what your big plans are for the Thanksgiving holiday (just because I am nosey).


Vicki said...

Congrats on your accomplishment! You're obviously a very BRIGHT and informed thinker. Hope 2011 is a great year for you and Miss G.
We'll be at home for Thanksgiving...hopefully with some family members coming in for the traditional meal. I'm a sucker for traditions!!
Vicki and Emily

Steph B said...

Hi! This is Stephanie from PD's group, and we live in the Boise area. We will be home for Thanksgiving, spending it with my parents who live 1/2 mile from us. :-)

Hope your job is going well!!

The Byrd's Nest said...

Well...this is Kim from
We are supposed to go and eat Thanksgiving dinner with a bunch of missionaries but since Lottie and Emma don't do well in crowds....we are staying home. We even found a turkey at Sam's!!!

I love her imagination. Lottie is the same way. Not about before came to get her but she will say things like she remembers how she and her Daddy went fishing and she caught a great big fish and her Daddy only caught a black rubber boot. lol...She was only 9 months old!