Monday, November 15, 2010


G participated Saturday in a basketball camp. I dropped her off, ran some errands and came back to wait for her. The basketball camp director came to tell me she was the camper of the day and that there is some true potential because she is a pretty good player. He said maybe there could be scholarship potential there. I said that yes she is a lot like her granddad, coordinated, but that she will need a def. growth spurt. He said something about point guard. I assure you I won't get my hopes up but I have known she has some sporty talent in her tiny body.

Friday night after karate she attended a bday party that was actually a sleepover but earlier in the week G decided and I was okay with her not spending the night. At 10pm I called them because silly me thought the mom would bring her home (like she offered) at 9pm when the girls were winding down. But G was very very tired and melted down after she got home. Then she was mad at me for her not getting to spend the night, never mind that she had made the decision not to earlier in the week. Truly, I had no problem with either decision. I could see a benefit for me either way, heh. Anyway, that anger she shows when she is tired puts me over the edge sometimes. We had a pretty good night sleep after some quiet cuddling.

G asked me yesterday after karate to play the game on my phone and when I told her no she said, "Oh I get it, I can play only when it is convenient to you." You got that right sister! Most things are only when it is convenient to me, heh.

Next Saturday we have 2 bday parties, one is a late one. She was actually asked to a third but I had to decline due to three bday parties are really 2 too many for me.


Vivian M said...

Good luck with the scholarship thing, that would be awesome! It sounds like Miss G has a busier social life than you. ;o)

The Byrd's Nest said...

Why does the sassiness begin so early? Lottie has begun this also:(

Lottie would NEVER make it for a sleepover...ha ha!

yay for being coordinated! So glad she enjoyed basketball:)