Sunday, November 07, 2010

What a Spectacularly Busy Weekend

We had such a funfilled weekend that I believe I need a vacay just to rest.

Friday night we went to a family party at karate. They even had board demonstrations. They let the students (all ages mind you) try to break a board. G did it. She broke two (not at the same time) with an ax-kick. My little board breaker!

I took these pics today. I am waiting on video of the action taken by her teacher because my battery died Friday. So, no I don't have video yet of her doing it but I was a witness to the skill and talent of my little karate kid. I will say though if taught right anyone can break a board. There is no trick to it. None of the kids her age could break it with fists due to the lack of body weight; though, they could so with feet. I was thrilled for her being able to break the boards.

Saturday we went to a family day at a museum here in big city. Best part: It was free! G was able to draw to her hearts content. There was a scavenger hunt going on for some candy as well. The picture of G drawing the fish vase was part of the hunt: an answer to her favorite thing on display. She was to draw her fav. picture but she liked the vase more. It was from the Qing dynasty. She also got to draw some things from a still life display.

Another picture she was able to do was a pre-printed water color painting with water color chalk. Part of the picture was a pre-drawn something (hers was a man in the forefront and a factory in the background) then the kids added to the picture to make it a personal work of art.
She even got her face painted with a very pretty fish.

After that we had a birthday party of a neighbor kid then went bowling with the director of the ministry where I volunteered and her grandkids. G loves to bowl. She bowled for me this time too. She made a strike for her and for me she bowled a spare. Neither of us won but she did get to play lots of video games too. She may not be getting better at the bowling but she is getting much better at the video games, heh.

Last night was my most favorite, bar none, night of the whole year. Yes I love the fall back of daylight savings time end. I left our bedroom clock alone and set the alarm for one hour later so that we got up on time for Church but we also got that extra hour sleep. Of course my dog ruined my evening mostly by needing to go outside every hour on the hour until roughly 3am. So today is nap day for me! And as soon as I hit "publish" I am out for a nap. Enjoy your weekend or what is left of it.

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Vivian M said...

What an awesome weekend! Hope you got that much needed nap!