Saturday, December 25, 2010

A Little Pre-Christmas Recap

Yesterday, Mom, G and I took off to a local town nearby to see the display of nativity scenes from around the world. I felt like I had personally gone around the world. It was a very nice display. There was a very cool Orthodox display with the nesting dolls and a series of iconic plates. It really was awesome. One nativity had a pig in it which represented wealth in the culture from where it came but would not have obviously been in the original stable.

Irish nativity and Orthodox nativities

Part of a China triptych, and a nativity made of banana leaves.

Then we headed east a bit to see my aunt (mom's younger sis). We landed just in time for lunch and it was a good visit to boot. Speaking of boots, heh, G got a new pair of brown boots one size larger than the ones she wears All. the. Time.

Then after that visit we headed north a bit to a local "Old McDonald's" where G enjoyed the playland while Mom and I visited with a long lost 1st cousin of Mom's. Long lost in the sense that they basically lived their lives within 30 miles of each other but until their own parents died never really hung out together. That was very nice to visit and hear the differences in the families.

Then G and I brought Grammie back home and headed to dinner with a friend to a Japanese restaurant where G ate cucumber sushi, sans the cucumber, and actually really liked it. I think it surprised her a bit.

But before all of these activities G and I opened all the wrapped gifts to her from me, Grammie and Grandad at my parents house.

I thought that was a great idea so that today she could focus on the Santa gifts. G didn't really like that though but couldn't really verbalize why.

We were so busy we didn't even go to the candle light Christmas service at church. I tried really hard to make that a tradition but we were just too busy this year.

Now the parents are off to my sisters and G and I have obligations at church tomorrow so we stayed home. We are playing at their house for a bit before we go home and watch a Christmas movie or three.

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