Saturday, December 25, 2010

A Most Treasured and Lasting Gift

Made by a Grandfather's hands with love. My dad made G a doll house totally unfinished in that she had to do all the decorating of it herself, well with a little help from mom that is. I used some of my mother's Southern Living mags (for indoor pictures) and Birds and Bloom mags (for outdoor pictures) and we went to town.
She is still working on it today with the roof. We glued some of the permanent stuff and used tape for the Christmas decorations. She received a doll , which is the perfect size for the house, for a gift from our cousins.

We love decorating it. Merry Christmas everybody!


Vivian M said...

Not only is that the best gift ever, but you are making memories that will outlast the dollhouse and her childhood! Love it!
Merry Christmas Bev and Miss G!

Heather BT said...

I never thought of decorating with pictures, just with paint. That thought always scared me, but the way you did it was very cool.