Monday, January 31, 2011

More Conversations with G - Identity

Saturday night G and I were getting ready for bed and G started praying for things that would make her look like me. These were odd things, not like blond hair or blue eyes but like marred skin (acne) or high foot arches or veins to show in her heal or hair on her arms. Just strange things which led me to begin to talk about some of the features I actually do have. One of those features was added 20 years ago this coming Dec. It is an interesting scar on my left eye caused from a car accident where I didn't wear my seat belt. It was nasty!

So each time G would pray she would do this little half hearted "humph" sound. I can't really describe it but there was something sad in her little eyes. It was almost an "I am going to ask but know it won't happen anyway" disappointed sound.

About my wreck, I told G about my belief in being indestructible at age 20 and my not wearing my seat belt which would have kept me from going through the windshield. She agreed that was pretty stupid for me to believe even when I was 20. I offered to let her see the pictures and with fear and sorrow in her eyes (which is the only look I could define) she declined my invitation. Now that is very strange in itself because G likes all things gross. But that night she was struggling with her identity, our identity and security in her family so she didn't want to see me like that.

She has not fully recovered from her identity struggle. She is still in rare form. She was mad at me last night telling me all kinds of ugly mean things. She is pulling me in and pushing me away at the same time. It is very sad to see this and know that all I can do is try to be patient (not very good at it) and love her through it. On top of all that I am getting a head cold and feeling like the pits myself which really limits my patience (just being honest).

G is a very bright and thoughtful child. She is a child though. She is being told by friends that if she is not a girly girl she is boyish. Sadly, this messes with her identity as well. I told her that not being a girly girl has nothing to do with being boyish. I pointed all the things she does that is girlish like playing with her bitty twins, barbies, little petshop toys, polly pockets etc. I also reminded her that girls wear cowboy boots and ride horses and play sports (stereotypical boy things). I explained that what you wear doesn't define you as either a girl or a boy. This age is just so black and white and she is extremely literal, anyway. She wants to be defined but isn't sure exactly how to do it. And yes we are still rocking which makes me wonder how much is coming from this.

I wish I could filter the messages she gets at school before she hears them. One little "brown" boy told everybody that he couldn't play with "white" kids. G said, "Good thing Ms. Teacher heard him." I hope Ms. Teacher handled it well. Another little boy told her that he couldn't hear girls talk to him and couldn't talk to them. To that I told her just to quit trying to talk to him. At age 6 and a bit more than 6 1/2 this stuff is major. I really do try to take her very seriously though. So that seems to be our struggle right now: identity, hers as an individual and ours as a family from her POV.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Playing with the the Video Cam

Grammie and Grandad got a video for their computer to Skype with some family. G and I have had a good time recording ourselves in different video effects. It even takes pictures.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Andrew Klavan On the Culture

Another common sense video from Andrew Kalvan. He is a man needed for our time because he understands the culture and can explain it with clarity and humor.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Good News, Sort of

I got a small promotion and a small raise at work today. Now the reason it is sort of good news is that this isn't the promotion to the job for which I interviewed. I am still in the running for that but a decision hasn't been made and a few more folks are being interviewed.

I will def. take the small promotion and small raise because it puts me in a lead position and gives me more responsibility. YIPPEE! The raise is small but will make a difference on the check so I am happy about it. The job for which I interviewed would be a much greater raise and a permanent position. For now I am still a full time temp even with the increase and title change.

This Morning's Gratuitous Kid Picture

G got a new T-shirt for getting all A's on her last report card. She was asked to wear it today so we layered because it isn't quite t-shirt weather even though Saturday should reach mid 60s. Yeah, spring in the middle of winter. Gotta love it.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Still Sick

Well G isn't sporting a fever but that darned mucus is still around. Last night I was freezing so I turned the heat up to 64. That did it. 5 minutes later G threw up all over the bed, herself, in her hair and then I gagged for several minutes before I could get myself together to clean it all up. Seriously, I hate throw up. I had to wash G's hair, give her a clothing change and change the sheets. Then G proceeded to scream at me until snot came out of her nose for 45 mins while I washed/combed her hair and changed the sheets.

She had been asleep about 50 mins when she threw up, not once but twice. So to say she was still tired is an understatement. But I didn't handle any of it well. Actually, I was doing well in the beginning with sympathy and patience but it didn't last. After I combed her now washed hair out, I tried to put her hair up on top of her head so if she got sick again I wouldn't have to wash it all over, but she screamed hysterically at me until I (in frustration and anger) took it out. Yeah, I am not proud of my reaction. There is no defense for my frustration because she was sick and very tired.

She did proceed to scream at me about wanting to go back to bed even though it wasn't made back up yet and she stunk like throw up. She kept telling me she didn't throw up and she faked it and there wasn't food bits in her hair when I could obviously see it and smell it. YUCK and I am still gagging thinking of it.

I apologized to her this morning as we rocked and her hair did get put back up before she fell back to sleep because after I took it down she screamed hysterically for me to put it right back up. And thankfully she didn't get sick again last night but I froze the rest of the night! I guess that was my pay back for not handling her screaming at me well.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Morning Tears and Need to Rock

This morning G was still so very tired and did NOT want to wake up. Then she was quite grumpy and slow. Of course my fussing caused tears. I really should know better by now. Anyway before we left I had time to rock her. So I set the timer and had her sit with me. She wasn't happy with me and said she didn't want to rock. I kissed her forehead which she resisted big time. Then I tried to kiss her again which she tried to resist. I managed to land a kiss on her chin while she was straight as a board. But then after that she sort of melted into me and let me hold her and really kiss her.

I wondered if she would have done that if I had given up and not pursued her for a second kiss. I know she needs me to love her no matter what, as all children need their parents to do. I need to keep that in mind to pursue her more and fuss less. I let time stress me more often than I should.

Right now I am being allowed to try to recapture the lost time from last week by coming in an hour earlier and taking only a 1/2 hour lunch. Hopefully that will help. Money is extremely tight. Please pray that I can switch enough around to keep getting to work.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Back at School and Work

G climbed up in my lap late Saturday and fell asleep as I rocked. She slept about an hour that way while I talked on the phone, played games on the phone and watched TV.

G is back at school today but with a very deep chested cough. I am back at work and hopefully will stay here the whole week. I have an interview within this company tomorrow at 10. PRAY FOR ME. I has to be more money and a permanent position so that I wouldn't lose out on sick and holiday pay.

G has been so tired that we took a Sunday Afternoon Nap and she slept 4 1/2 hours I kid you not. And she didn't stay up much too late after for bedtime. This virus, be it the flu or whatever, wore her out.

The Good Women of China by Xinran

This is a very difficult book to read. I would say that for our daughters who came from an orphanage based on the stories of the women in this book they were truly saved by being adopted. That does not mean that the parents went to save a child by adoption but based on the potential for a terrible life based on what I read in this book leaving a child in an orphanage to age out in China is absolutely a disastrous decision for that child.

If her new book coming out in March is like this one, gear up for very painful facts or stories and be ready to process very hard things.

I will be saving this book for G to read when she is much older. MUCH OLDER!

I bought this book with my own b-day gift card and have not been asked to review this or even give my opinion but I am giving it.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Reading a very sad book by Xinran. Now G can read so when she gets in my lap I have to put the book up. It's a very difficult book.
This flu bug has worn baby girl, G, out!! She climbed in my lap and fell asleep as I rocked. She has now been asleep for an hour.


Screaming from the rooftops. Of course the normal grumpy came back too. This morning G had no temperature thank YOU JESUS! The coughing is still there and now accompanied with throwing up mucus where ever she maybe standing. I hate throw up.

But I will take that over high temperatures that keep us inside all day. At least tomorrow (unless something strange happens) we can go to church.

It was really pitiful yesterday morning when we realized school was closed to snow and G couldn't go play out in it. Oh did she cry! Her little heart was broken. I tried to tell her that it just wasn't possible with her having the flu. It broke my heart too!

She actually fell asleep in my lap around 5:30pm. Yeah, I thought that was not a good time for a nap either and was proved right when she wasn't back asleep by 10pm. This morning she was up before 8am and after a little medicine and updating the grandparents we both fell back asleep until almost 10am. She really needed it because that cough is draining her!

Anyway we are spending the day at my parents. Call it a reward for having no temp,heh.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Currently watching the video of China, the trip to G. Amazing how much I already forgot. What great memories. Would love to go back.
G woke with a 101 temp which is 1 pnt down from yesterday morn. WOOT, progress, baby.

Work and school both closed for snow. I am doing laundry YEEHAW!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

G's fever is going back up. Food doesn't taste good either. And today we got the snow I wanted to come yesterday, but school has not been called off yet.

Just Incase You Wondered

I only wanted school to officially be out so that G wouldn't miss any school. She had done so well and was on the way to winning the award for not missing a day. If school was out officially due to weather she wouldn't miss any school even with the flu.

Right now her temp is 98.9. She claims it is going up because her eyes are burning. Of course, she has been playing video games for an hour so that may have something to do with it. I don't mind her missing school pictures since she had some in the fall but I do hate that she is missing her class pictures. Oh well, that is $8 I don't have to spend.

The other downer is I am now missing 4 full days of work. So this week I worked a total of 9.5 hours, Monday was a holiday. I am praying that I don't get this. We had the flu shot so I supposed that is why it isn't as bad as it could be.

G is also missing her spelling test. Yes she can make that up too but just being behind is no fun.
No sleet. Temp 102.2 at 7:00am. Throat hurting and no appetite. I think / has the flu.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

School pictures are tomorrow for kids who will be there. G will miss being in her 1st grade class picture. We think it is the flu. We had the shot in Oct.
Fever stayed down around 99/100 most of the day. Watched 2 little house on prairie and toy story. Feels too bad to eat. 2nd dose of tylenol given.
G has 102.4 temp. Had to pick her up from school. Sick kid, lost income. Pray for sleet to close the school Thurs. and Fri. Then at least G won't miss any.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ice Skating and 40 Year Old Bones

Don't mesh well. G and I skated with a friend and her two boys Sunday afternoon. G finally got the hang of it, but it took getting her smaller skates and tears because the youngest boy learned more quickly than G.

She was so jazzed about finally skating without the side rail, that she begged to go the next day. I had some work to do at the ministry where I volunteer (since MLK holiday kept me off work), but told her we would go if I could get done in time. Well, I didn't actually expect or hope to get done until too late to skate. I managed, however, to do so and took G and her friend, T, to skate. I "found" some money which I realized this a.m. was actually was the baby sitter's money (I forgot to pay her Friday due to having to work later than expected and not seeing her).

So yesterday we got to skate for the last hour of the day. It was not quite as fun for me anyway. Once while holding G's hand skating around the rink I fell forward, pulling G down with me to avoid a little boy who was falling just for the fun of it. Did I mean to fall? No, but I wasn't able to stop that quickly either. G hasn't let me live that down either, asking me why I made her fall.

Then right before we left I was trying to get her attention to tell her last loop, but she wouldn't look at me. I assumed she couldn't hear (loud 70s music playing) but later she said she did she just didn't look at me. In my quest to get her attention, I fell on my arse and bruised the palm of my hand very badly. Thank God I didn't break it, He was truly watching out for me since I had not just G but her friend as well to care for.

Of course I learned, as we dropped off her little friend the grandmom's, that a friend of hers skated over his daughter's hand (accidentally of course) cutting the finger off at the knuckle. This happened at the same rink before Christmas. That is my biggest fear that I or someone will run over G with ice skates and really hurt her.

As you can see G skating off of the side of the rink, she uses her left leg to push while her right leg remains straight (kinda like a skate board). She fell 15 times Sunday and 12 times Monday not counting the one I caused, 'cuz of course you can't count that one.

Now I need to figure out where to get the baby sitter's money I owe her, oops. I love a forgetful brain, ugh.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Rocking and Memory Verse Update

So as you read previously we are still rocking and memorizing verses. G has memorized John 3:16, Philippians 4:4, Zephaniah 3:17 and Micah 6:8b. Two from Upward basketball, two from karate requirements and two of them are New Testament and two are Old Testament. I love that because I never want G to say, "The old testament God is mean and vindictive but the new testament is all about love." I have had old Methodists in my class speak this way and it is oh so wrong.

My personal challenge beginning tomorrow is 2 Corinthians 5:17 "Therefore, if anyone is in Christ he is a new creation. The old has passed away, behold the new has come." If only I could get that truth the roughly 12 inches from my head to my heart my whole life view would change. Living Proof ministries, Beth Moore's ministry, has a two verse a month memory challenge so that by the end of 12 months 24 verses have been memorized.

I chose Psalm 29:11 as my first verse this year which says, "The Lord gives strength to his people. He blesses his people with peace." Maybe this should be the year to memorize all the 29:11 verses. My favorite 29:11 verse is Jeremiah 29:11 "'For I know the plans I have for you,' declares the Lord, 'plans for welfare and not for calamity to give you a future and a hope.'" Another verse I need to remember when my prayers are not answered the way I want them to be.

Interesting and Gut Wrenching Conversations

This was the picture I took driving home yesterday with my phone and why it is totally crooked. It was a beautiful sunset on the horizon. Anyhoo, the picture is not what this post is about.

Yesterday when I picked up G from the sitter's and as I was buckling her in her seat she, with tears in her eyes and her mouth quivering said, "E said I don't take karate."

Wow, really, you are crying over a little girl who is telling you something you don't do when you know every Monday and Friday (until recently) you do take karate?

So I said, "Well, what did you say?" She said, "I telled her I did and to ask my mom and she said she would ask you." I said, "Okay, she can ask me." This E also told a classmate of G's who is in the same karate class that he didn't take it either. I say the little girl is a brat and has always been so even though her mom is a jewel.

Anyway, last night G's feathers were still really ruffled and she asked for (which I was going to suggest anyway) some rocking time. So we did. I usually set the timer just because I have stuff to do and don't need to sit in a rocker all night though I would really like to do so.

The first rocking time with G was ended when she got what she needed from rocking 6 minutes into the 7 minute time frame. The next rocking time before bed the timer went off and we had to get ready for bed.

Apparently, she was still off kilter this morning, and we were full at high speed grumpiness, frustration, misunderstanding (over her wearing a belt or not and tight sleeves) , anger in both of us and just in total emotional meltdown which always ends with her telling me how I don't love her while we are in the car on the way to school.

Oh yes I remember believing that about my own parents and probably even yelling that at them as well often at least toward my mom. My dad would have backhanded me probably so I never said that to him, believed it yes just never said it out loud.

So on the way to school, I am telling her all the ways I do love her and how I would be if I didn't love her. Then she drops the bomb, "H told me you're not my real mama." BOOM!

The gut wrenching sobs started and all frustration and anger in me ceased immediately. I said, "When did she tell you this?" totally stumped by what I had heard. She said, "On the bus." I asked, "Yesterday?" She said, "yes." I said, my mind still racing and looking for the right words, "You were more upset about E telling you that you didn't take karate but you didn't tell me about this?" Which probably weren't the right words, but I was still trying to gain an understanding. I don't remember her response if she did through her deep sobs.

I really wanted to pull over and grab her up to hold her, but it wasn't possible in that moment. I reached back to rub her knee, trying to hold my own tears back.

I asked a few more questions about what was going on around the whole statement, G assured me that there was no conversation going on, and she wasn't sure if H wanted to hurt her or not. I asked her what she told H which took some doing for her to tell me softly that she told her G's other mama was her foster mama and I am her real mama. I told her how much I wish I knew who her China mom was so I could tell her what a beautiful sensitive soul G is and how smart G is.

I explained (believing that H meant no harm) that what H meant by that, though she said it badly, was that I didn't carry G in my tummy nor did I give birth to her or get to hold her when she was just a few minutes old. Even if I had wanted too I didn't know her until she was 13 months old nor did I get to hold her until she was 15 months old.

I explained that I am real, that she can pinch me, that I am not pretend and that I am forever her mom. I reminded her that she has a China mom and a foster mom who loved her when they could (I believe still) as much as me. Let's just say I wished we didn't have to ever deal with this but I know it will come over and over through out G's life.

I asked G what she wanted me to do about it and she said to talk to H. Now understand H is the youngest daughter of the family who keeps G after school for me so it is a bit of a sticky wicket that I am in. I also told G that we together will get back to the WISEUP workbook that will give her the words to say about comments being made. When we initially started it she really wasn't ready for it, the comprehension was just not there.

I also used the example of her telling someone something I told her about the reason one of her classmates acts out and how she said the words the way she understood them but her understanding was lacking and it hurt that person. I explained H's understanding about what "real" moms are was lacking which made the words H said hurt G. I have to believe H did not intend or know that G's feelings were hurt. (I do know though H does hurt G's feelings when G and H's sister get along better than G and H. That is the cursed girls-in-3 phenomenon.)

I pointed out that children weren't the only ones who speak foolishly about adoption and even her own teacher made a stupid comment about adoption to me once. People who don't understand and even some who do will just say stupid things at times about adoption.

Now about G herself, she is so introverted that the important hurts fester and boil inside her before she tells me. Maybe she was trying to process it her own way, but it isn't like we have never had the adoption conversation before so I know it wasn't about my not being open about that. Maybe she saw my business about getting the house in order and supper on the table as not the right time but usually at least during bedtime she talks openly. I don't know and may never will know why she didn't tell me immediately.

I do know that my baby was cut to the core of her being and that the two comments coming at her on the same day seemed to suggest that her life was a lie. That was one thing that bothered her about E's karate statement, she felt that E didn't believe her but not because of something wrong with E but because something was wrong with her. Same thing with not having a "real" mom, somehow she saw herself and her life as not real, not believable. I think maybe that will be the thing she will struggle with the most. Is her life real in the sight of her peers?

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Do You Need a Hero in Your Faith Walk?

Ronald Reagan is that hero. This book will open his faith to those who are interested in a new way. There is information about the day and weeks after he was shot. There truly were miracles all over that episode. God's hands were surrounding Reagan.

You will meet his mom who instilled this faith in Reagan that kept him through his life. An amazing story of an amazing man. I personally loved having Reagan as president, and now I have more of an insight into him as a man of strong faith in God.

This is from the official review:

"With warmth and insight, Mary Beth Brown delves into the spiritual journey of America’s 40th president and offers profound stories of God’s providence in Ronald Reagan’s life—from first making it as an actor to winning the presidency, from surviving an assassination attempt to eventually changing the face of world politics. With the support of Reagan’s own words and writings and firsthand interviews with his family, friends, and co-workers, Brown weaves a magnificent story of Reagan’s quiet, strong devotion to God, sure to both inform and inspire."

This book will inspire your own faith and will give you a hero to follow to the cross and throne of God.

In exchange for this review I received a free copy of this book but the opinions (not quoted) are 100% mine.

Monday, January 10, 2011

ZMOGoodness! Global Warming Struck With a Vengence!

and left 4 inches of snow!

My steps out the front door of my house and a pic of the front door towards my SUV.

We did have to work but started at 10am instead of 9am. Really that hour didn't help any. The roads were/are terrible and now will be worse as frozen slush. I kept thinking my day's wage will not cover hospital or new car if I am in a wreck getting home. Thankfully I swerved only once coming in and that not badly.

The amazing thing about snow is it can make anything look good, kind of like Jesus' righteousness and blood covers us to make us look beautiful if we trust in Him.

Sunday, January 09, 2011

I will know tomorrow morning early if work is called off for snow. More than likely we will be closed as well. Just a hunch really.
It is official; we got just enoigh snow to cancel school. G is at my parentsn jumping around like a monkey from excitement, according to my mom.

Saturday, January 08, 2011

The Sky Yesterday Afternoon

from my phone in the car as I was driving home. Obviously the picture doesn't do it justice. I was stopped in traffic waiting for my exit. The stopped in taffic is going to get worse with the new hours.
And I am still a temp with the same company that I started in Oct. I have been told there is no permanent position only long term temp. I am losing steam quickly. I did apply for a position that is being vacated but I haven't heard yet.

Thursday, January 06, 2011

New Year Challenges

Instead of resolutions I am doing challenges. Two challenges actually, that came from reading two different blogs: the Rocking Chair Challenge and the memory verse challenge from the Beth Moore blog (Living Proof Ministries) which I am too lazy to find don't have linked.

Now the rocking challenge is roughly to rock your child(ren) 15 times a day or as much as you can. The key is to seek them, out pull them close, and just rock and love on them. I commented and committed to rock as often as I can, but due to work schedule I can only rock a couple of times a day. And I have already blown it, but am going to keep pluggin' away.

See yesterday morning on the return to school day after a laid back two weeks, we had a very bad morning which ended in tears (G) and anger and frustration (G and me). So I told G we needed to rock to re-connect before leaving for school, so we did. This is also where I blew it. Instead of using the time to love on her and reconnect, I used the time to lecture. I told her everything that she did wrong that morning that lead to the tears and frustration and what she should do to fix it. Bad, bad, bad, bad me. (This morning I prayed for a better morning. It worked, why do I doubt?)

Yes, I realized the lecturing was not good and was duly pricked in my spirit on the way to work. Of course I couldn't do anything about it until last night. I took the time to tell her what I did wrong and apologized. (Of course last night after bath was terrible too but that is another personal failure post.)

So we rocked and read a chapter of her book. In the evenings we rock and I read to her at the same time. I am thinking it kills two birds with one stone and G, for the most part, will let me rock and read to her. Of course G would let me rock her (not to sleep) all day if I could while she wallows and wiggles and hugs and just is.

The challenge though is to not let my little OCD child (and yes she is to some extent) demand it or bring it in our lives as an absolute need which she tends to do when I introduce something new which then becomes a different battle of control to have her way.

By the way, I usually lose that challenge and end the "something" intended to connect/change us. Just like this morning she asked to rock, but she asked before I could really tell her if we had time to do so. Then she continued to ask and demand it, pouting when I couldn't promise. We did end up having time and I set a 5 min. timer to just rock her and love on her so she would have a clear end to the rocking.

So now for the verse challenge, I didn't commit in the blog comments because I didn't want to be held accountable due to not being sure I could do it. The idea is to take one verse and memorize it from the 1st to the 14th of the month and then add another on the 15th which would add to 24 verses a year memorized.

I am already sort of ahead because I am an over achiever G has to memorize one verse a week with Upward sports (last two coaches didn't require or encourage it), and I decided to memorize her verses with her. Everyday we practice her verse as well as my own chosen verse. She also has verses she must memorize for karate which relates to the fruit of the Spirit and goes with each belt level.

Everyday I send a note in her lunch box with a few questions and a pen for her to respond. I also have started writing her verses out so she can read them in the middle of the day. She and I both need the verses. So for now we are meeting the New Year challenges, but the year is early yet and I pray I will be deeply changed through the success of these challenges. Because obviously the change needs to be in me!

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Basketball Started

G started basketball practice last night and in the words of my dad, "It's gonna be a long season." Two boys seem to be very very young so there's that. One boy, a first grader, didn't even know how to bounce a ball. Maybe not a fair comparison but G was bouncing balls at almost 3. Of course she is extremely talented and coordinated just not aggressive!

No pictures of practice but she will have her first game in a week and half or so. Not really looking forward to it.

In other news, my bosses changed the office hours to 9-5. I had a great thing going at 8-4 but now I am stuck in a 9-5 pattern beginning Monday. G doesn't like it and neither do I. We will have to see what happens with the after school sitter and homework concerns. We still are busy 3 nights a week and losing that hour a night does not help; especially since G's school start is still 8am, which she thinks is HIGHLY unfair.

So anyhoo, that is the latest in the house!

Monday, January 03, 2011

Updating Our End of 2010 and Beginning 2011

Friday I was off from work, so we spent the day with my parents after G and I went ice skating.

Yes, I, with my 40 year old bones put on a pair of ice skates and for one hour stayed up with only 1 fall toward the end when one skate hit a dent in the ice. G didn't fall at all which can be accomplished very easily when holding onto the side rail for dear life. She and I did skate holding hands around the ring 2 or 3 times which went painfully slow because she is not a speed demon quite comfortable yet. For that matter neither am I, but I am a wee bit older faster (by need as it is worse to go slow) more comfortable than she.

Thursday, G learned to ride her bike without training wheels using a slight incline in my parents yard, which is also called a "hill" looking very large to a new bike riding 6 year old. She refuses to ride in our yard, however, nor even on her bike at our house. Instead, she insists on riding her bike at her grammie's house. Her grandad has to also be with her as she has not mastered taking off on her own. So on Friday after skating she wanted to go ride her bike without training wheels which we did. And it was very warm for being winter like high 60s low 70s.

The rain held off until 4:30ish when G and I returned home Friday evening after a few games of chicken foot (dominoes anyone?). Then the skies opened with thunder and lighting until roughly 2:16am. I know because that was when our dog Clementine decided it was safe to go outside and finally P, not that she held it that long mind you to which my hall floor can testify.

She also went out at 4amish at which time our cat Simon decided to attempt his own escape. So at that gawrsh awful time in the now cold cold morning I had to traipse out after said cat in my pjs and house shoes capturing him totally on the other side of the yard. Now that I know his new year's plans of escape, I have to be on guard when opening and shutting the back door.

G and I were not planning a late new year's eve night anyway, so we were actually in bed and asleep (me for the first time and her for the night) at 9:30pm. We are working our way through the book How to Train Your Dragon which is totally unlike the movie but still really good. G however is having difficulty keeping up. I guess her vocabulary is not big enough to follow larger chapter books yet. Junie B Jones must be the extent of it for now.

Oh and G lost her second front tooth. I tell you we have the strangest methods for pulling teeth at our house. Just to recap, the first tooth was her bottom right which she pulled on her own before her 6th birthday while in the car on the way to visit my mom in the hospital. Tooth number 2 was the bottom left which was pulled by a piece of broccoli which apparently I didn't even blog about. Number 3 was just prior to Christmas and was helped out with a bit of floss surprising me as well as G.

And guess how number 4 came out? I begged Grandad to pull it Thursday and Friday but he said it wasn't ready. Well, what did he know.

As I was washing G's face Friday night after brushing her teeth, and as she was protesting my washing her face with her mouth wide open, somehow the rag grabbed that bad boy and pulled it out. We both heard it fall, she insisting it had come out, while I was insisting it was the dog's nails on the floor. G then flashed her toothless and bloody mouth at me which made us both stop to look for it. We indeed found it on the floor so the tooth fairy made a last day of the year visit to our house leaving a bag of silly bands (that Santa had originally left out of her stocking). Oh and this one bled a bit more than the other three.

In all of that excitement I realized that I lost one of G's Santa gifts which I had hidden apparently so well from myself that until I was looking for a tooth fairy token I hadn't remembered that I didn't give it to her. I found it yesterday in the car where I had hidden it. So now we have a Valentine gift because of the nature of the toy I can't hold on too it much past that and don't want to look like too big of a fool idiot forgetful mom by giving it too her now.

So all that brings us up to Saturday which was spent watching movies, playing ruckus, learning backgammon (G not me) and returning a terrible MP3 player I bought with Christmas money. On the way to the target G fell asleep in the car. Apparently she needed a nap desperately because she was getting to be very very grumpy indeed. In exchange for the return I picked up two movies: Barbie's A Christmas Carol and How to Train Your Dragon. I thoroughly enjoyed them both!!

G on her first three games of backgammon beat me each and every time. I learned how to play as a child, apparently not well however. And about ruckus, fun game. G said, as she was winning, "I must get winning from my grandaddy, right mama? I take after him with winning games don't I?" She has a desperate need to belong and I am glad to agree with her. She does indeed get her winning ability from her grandaddy.

Then Sunday was church followed by taking G back to her grandparents to spend the night until school starts on Wednesday. Tonight is karate and tomorrow upward basketball starts and I am tired just thinking about it all!

So from our very busy house to yours Happy New Year!