Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Do You Need a Hero in Your Faith Walk?

Ronald Reagan is that hero. This book will open his faith to those who are interested in a new way. There is information about the day and weeks after he was shot. There truly were miracles all over that episode. God's hands were surrounding Reagan.

You will meet his mom who instilled this faith in Reagan that kept him through his life. An amazing story of an amazing man. I personally loved having Reagan as president, and now I have more of an insight into him as a man of strong faith in God.

This is from the official review:

"With warmth and insight, Mary Beth Brown delves into the spiritual journey of America’s 40th president and offers profound stories of God’s providence in Ronald Reagan’s life—from first making it as an actor to winning the presidency, from surviving an assassination attempt to eventually changing the face of world politics. With the support of Reagan’s own words and writings and firsthand interviews with his family, friends, and co-workers, Brown weaves a magnificent story of Reagan’s quiet, strong devotion to God, sure to both inform and inspire."

This book will inspire your own faith and will give you a hero to follow to the cross and throne of God.

In exchange for this review I received a free copy of this book but the opinions (not quoted) are 100% mine.


Ohilda said...

Definitely one of my heros!!!!

The Byrd's Nest said...

One of my heroes too. I must have this book...I will go and check if they have it on Kindle. Thanks Bev!!