Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ice Skating and 40 Year Old Bones

Don't mesh well. G and I skated with a friend and her two boys Sunday afternoon. G finally got the hang of it, but it took getting her smaller skates and tears because the youngest boy learned more quickly than G.

She was so jazzed about finally skating without the side rail, that she begged to go the next day. I had some work to do at the ministry where I volunteer (since MLK holiday kept me off work), but told her we would go if I could get done in time. Well, I didn't actually expect or hope to get done until too late to skate. I managed, however, to do so and took G and her friend, T, to skate. I "found" some money which I realized this a.m. was actually was the baby sitter's money (I forgot to pay her Friday due to having to work later than expected and not seeing her).

So yesterday we got to skate for the last hour of the day. It was not quite as fun for me anyway. Once while holding G's hand skating around the rink I fell forward, pulling G down with me to avoid a little boy who was falling just for the fun of it. Did I mean to fall? No, but I wasn't able to stop that quickly either. G hasn't let me live that down either, asking me why I made her fall.

Then right before we left I was trying to get her attention to tell her last loop, but she wouldn't look at me. I assumed she couldn't hear (loud 70s music playing) but later she said she did she just didn't look at me. In my quest to get her attention, I fell on my arse and bruised the palm of my hand very badly. Thank God I didn't break it, He was truly watching out for me since I had not just G but her friend as well to care for.

Of course I learned, as we dropped off her little friend the grandmom's, that a friend of hers skated over his daughter's hand (accidentally of course) cutting the finger off at the knuckle. This happened at the same rink before Christmas. That is my biggest fear that I or someone will run over G with ice skates and really hurt her.

As you can see G skating off of the side of the rink, she uses her left leg to push while her right leg remains straight (kinda like a skate board). She fell 15 times Sunday and 12 times Monday not counting the one I caused, 'cuz of course you can't count that one.

Now I need to figure out where to get the baby sitter's money I owe her, oops. I love a forgetful brain, ugh.

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Steph B said...

You're braver than I am. My kids went ice skating for the first time over Christmas break, and I decided my 45 year old bones would not be safe on the ice. Except for the two times I "ran" out onto the ice in my sneakers to help one of my crying children off the ice after a fall, I stayed safely on the sidelines with my camera. :-)