Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Morning Tears and Need to Rock

This morning G was still so very tired and did NOT want to wake up. Then she was quite grumpy and slow. Of course my fussing caused tears. I really should know better by now. Anyway before we left I had time to rock her. So I set the timer and had her sit with me. She wasn't happy with me and said she didn't want to rock. I kissed her forehead which she resisted big time. Then I tried to kiss her again which she tried to resist. I managed to land a kiss on her chin while she was straight as a board. But then after that she sort of melted into me and let me hold her and really kiss her.

I wondered if she would have done that if I had given up and not pursued her for a second kiss. I know she needs me to love her no matter what, as all children need their parents to do. I need to keep that in mind to pursue her more and fuss less. I let time stress me more often than I should.

Right now I am being allowed to try to recapture the lost time from last week by coming in an hour earlier and taking only a 1/2 hour lunch. Hopefully that will help. Money is extremely tight. Please pray that I can switch enough around to keep getting to work.

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