Monday, January 03, 2011

Updating Our End of 2010 and Beginning 2011

Friday I was off from work, so we spent the day with my parents after G and I went ice skating.

Yes, I, with my 40 year old bones put on a pair of ice skates and for one hour stayed up with only 1 fall toward the end when one skate hit a dent in the ice. G didn't fall at all which can be accomplished very easily when holding onto the side rail for dear life. She and I did skate holding hands around the ring 2 or 3 times which went painfully slow because she is not a speed demon quite comfortable yet. For that matter neither am I, but I am a wee bit older faster (by need as it is worse to go slow) more comfortable than she.

Thursday, G learned to ride her bike without training wheels using a slight incline in my parents yard, which is also called a "hill" looking very large to a new bike riding 6 year old. She refuses to ride in our yard, however, nor even on her bike at our house. Instead, she insists on riding her bike at her grammie's house. Her grandad has to also be with her as she has not mastered taking off on her own. So on Friday after skating she wanted to go ride her bike without training wheels which we did. And it was very warm for being winter like high 60s low 70s.

The rain held off until 4:30ish when G and I returned home Friday evening after a few games of chicken foot (dominoes anyone?). Then the skies opened with thunder and lighting until roughly 2:16am. I know because that was when our dog Clementine decided it was safe to go outside and finally P, not that she held it that long mind you to which my hall floor can testify.

She also went out at 4amish at which time our cat Simon decided to attempt his own escape. So at that gawrsh awful time in the now cold cold morning I had to traipse out after said cat in my pjs and house shoes capturing him totally on the other side of the yard. Now that I know his new year's plans of escape, I have to be on guard when opening and shutting the back door.

G and I were not planning a late new year's eve night anyway, so we were actually in bed and asleep (me for the first time and her for the night) at 9:30pm. We are working our way through the book How to Train Your Dragon which is totally unlike the movie but still really good. G however is having difficulty keeping up. I guess her vocabulary is not big enough to follow larger chapter books yet. Junie B Jones must be the extent of it for now.

Oh and G lost her second front tooth. I tell you we have the strangest methods for pulling teeth at our house. Just to recap, the first tooth was her bottom right which she pulled on her own before her 6th birthday while in the car on the way to visit my mom in the hospital. Tooth number 2 was the bottom left which was pulled by a piece of broccoli which apparently I didn't even blog about. Number 3 was just prior to Christmas and was helped out with a bit of floss surprising me as well as G.

And guess how number 4 came out? I begged Grandad to pull it Thursday and Friday but he said it wasn't ready. Well, what did he know.

As I was washing G's face Friday night after brushing her teeth, and as she was protesting my washing her face with her mouth wide open, somehow the rag grabbed that bad boy and pulled it out. We both heard it fall, she insisting it had come out, while I was insisting it was the dog's nails on the floor. G then flashed her toothless and bloody mouth at me which made us both stop to look for it. We indeed found it on the floor so the tooth fairy made a last day of the year visit to our house leaving a bag of silly bands (that Santa had originally left out of her stocking). Oh and this one bled a bit more than the other three.

In all of that excitement I realized that I lost one of G's Santa gifts which I had hidden apparently so well from myself that until I was looking for a tooth fairy token I hadn't remembered that I didn't give it to her. I found it yesterday in the car where I had hidden it. So now we have a Valentine gift because of the nature of the toy I can't hold on too it much past that and don't want to look like too big of a fool idiot forgetful mom by giving it too her now.

So all that brings us up to Saturday which was spent watching movies, playing ruckus, learning backgammon (G not me) and returning a terrible MP3 player I bought with Christmas money. On the way to the target G fell asleep in the car. Apparently she needed a nap desperately because she was getting to be very very grumpy indeed. In exchange for the return I picked up two movies: Barbie's A Christmas Carol and How to Train Your Dragon. I thoroughly enjoyed them both!!

G on her first three games of backgammon beat me each and every time. I learned how to play as a child, apparently not well however. And about ruckus, fun game. G said, as she was winning, "I must get winning from my grandaddy, right mama? I take after him with winning games don't I?" She has a desperate need to belong and I am glad to agree with her. She does indeed get her winning ability from her grandaddy.

Then Sunday was church followed by taking G back to her grandparents to spend the night until school starts on Wednesday. Tonight is karate and tomorrow upward basketball starts and I am tired just thinking about it all!

So from our very busy house to yours Happy New Year!


Lisa said...

Happy New Year to your family!

Vivian M said...

Wow you all were very busy!

Thank you so much, check out my blog!

We loved "How to train your dragon" too (the movie).

Congrats Miss G on your tooth! Kerri has two loose teeth on the bottom (on each side of the ones she already lost last year).

Bad kitty! Pookie used to escape too. Now he knows how good he has it and won't leave.

Did I forget anything? Happy New Year!!

Football and Fried Rice said...

Wow, girl - you are already off to a great start! I LOVE the missing front teeth ;) could NOT be cuter ( even if they WERE pulled ) lol!!

william2233 said...

I liked your site from a children author of Concord, Ca.