Monday, February 28, 2011

Pass This On!

Pass it on! We really need to get the word out about how unions are paying off liberals and this administration but not helping our country. Public employees should not be unionized.

Preparing for the Storm

Some kind person mentioned that a t-shirt placed on the dog during or prior to a storm may keep said dog calm. Well the storm hit at 5:30 this morning and shirt or no shirt said dog was not calm. I will say that the shirt kept the dog calm during the night and she seemed to even sleep better which meant I slept better as well.

I put another t-shirt on her for the kennel today. I am praying she won't try to struggle out of it and end up strangling herself. She managed to eat the ironing board cover yesterday from within her kennel. She also didn't mind me putting the shirt on her. She sat still and really didn't seem to be bothered by it at all.

Oh and that is Simon who is one of the most calm, laid back cats I have ever owned. He is really a very cool cat. His full name is Simon Rusty a take off of Salman Rushdie, author of the Satanic Verses that caused a fatwa to be issued on him which forced him some what under ground.

My Review

Feeling like a grown up.

By Rambling Mother from AR on 2/28/2011


5out of 5

I recently received the 14 Piece Stainless Cutlery with Block Set in Natural wood and love it. It is the Ginsu brand and easy to handle, pretty to look at and worth the price. I haven't ever had a nice set of knives just piece meal from here and there but this really is a nice set. I was so excited to get it out and set it up. It looks nice in my kitchen. I like the way the knives (that I have used) handle as well. The weight is a good feel and the knives are very sharp.


Saturday, February 26, 2011

Pictures from the Zoo on Monday

A couple of pics of my precious G at the zoo from Monday. It turned out to be cold and windy but we were prepared with light jackets.

The rain we were not prepared for, however and left after only 2 1/2 hours.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Storm has passed, no tornado, dog is freaked still, power is out but 3 2 1 penguins is on. Life is good.

"I Don't Know"

This is the G phrase of her life despite my wishes. She uses this phrase when she fears that whatever she really does know or feel might not align with what I do or do not know or feel. She uses this when she wishes to gauge how her response might make someone look at her. She uses it when she is being obstinate and intentionally unhelpful to me. She uses it when she really doesn't know something. She uses it to protect herself from some unknown. Sometimes it is hard for me to know what use she is placing on this phrase at any given time. Bear with me, I am going somewhere with this.

The past few days have been difficult due to an few incidents at school when taken alone may not be anything but because of the consistency it is a big deal. There is a little boy sitting right across the table from G who for some reason has taken it upon himself to remind G that her family isn't real, that she talks like a baby, tells her she is cheating off of him when she tries hard not to look at him, threatens her with telling on her for looking at him, telling her she is more mixed than himself and calls her "baby head" when she looks at him. Never mind that he is right across the table from her and anytime she looks up he is in her line of sight. This has been happening since the day she was moved to sit across from him sometime before Christmas.

G tends to believe about herself the stuff he tells her because "he says it in such an angry and serious voice" her words. She will not tell the teacher when she is abused in this way. And yes it is abuse not children being children. And it has been effecting my child deeply. She has in turn said the same things to me in anger that this child has said to her not in demonstration but in acting out against me. So the "baby head" comment was the last straw for me to hear prompting a letter to the teacher asking for a phone call and explaining what was going on, reminding her about my child who will not tattle tell even if she is being hurt, and asking her to intervene by either moving the kid or doing something to stop it. Now all along I have encouraged G to tell on the boy and to stop talking to him all together. I try to get her to just ignore him. Sitting across the table doesn't aid in ignoring.

Last night I asked G what the teacher said/did. I got a brief note from the teacher saying it was handled (no phone call) but not how it was handled. The boy told G he couldn't talk to her anymore (which is fine by me) I have to assume because the teacher told him so. G said the boy wasn't moved nor was G. But I really have no idea what happened because of G's phrase, "I don't know."

The only thing I could get out of her last night after an hour with her response being "I don't know" (see above); finally, she told me the teacher called her out into the hall (for privacy) but G felt like she was getting trouble. Therefore, she wouldn't say anything other than the boy called her names. Because G felt she was getting in trouble by the teacher she wouldn't share with the teacher any specifics nor with me anything other than "I don't know." I warned the teacher about G believing she would get in trouble without a clear explanation that she wasn't. The teacher did not emphasize to G that she wasn't in trouble so G clammed up.

You know, this is why she is in karate. This is why, so she doesn't have to fight but can stick up for herself. She told me she can only stick up for herself when she is alone not with other kids. I don't want to raise a victim! I know she is stronger than that but honestly I am at a loss on how to make her see the need to stick up for herself. Then I feel so guilty because I wonder what I have done to reinforce this.

G told me that one afternoon, a different little boy on the bus threatened that he would tell the teacher on her if she didn't tell him her whole name after which he made fun of her name. I said, "Why did you tell him? It isn't any of his business. Your name is your name and you don't have to share if you don't want to." She doesn't know who the boy is by the way, but the threat of being told on was enough for her to do something she didn't want or need to do.

See why I am so concerned? If a threat of being told on will cause her to do something she doesn't want or need to do, she is the child trouble is looking for.

We read the book "When You Were Born in China" last night (not for the first time). After reading it I asked her what she thought about it. "I don't know" was her response. I told her that I thought it was sad, and it made me feel sad then she agreed with me that she thought it was sad too. While we were reading it G said, "I was probably the fourth or third child of my mama." So she wasn't afraid to discuss the book or parts of it. When she is asked something the answer is "I don't know."

I can't ban the phrase, "I don't know" from our house. Sometimes G opens up and shares with me but usually way after the fact possibly after she has attempted to process it herself. Sometimes by then it is too little too late for me to intervene. Lots of praying over her is going on right now.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Allen West For President

I wonder if we can make him run? I would vote for him as many times as democrats voted for big O. Right vote early and often, Chicago style? Oh I so think he should be the next two term president of the US! He would def. bring back our credibility and honor! The link is in the title.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Just found out my uncle and aunt, who are in NZ for her work, were on mini vacay in the earthquake zone of NZ. We don't know if they are safe. Please pray.

**My aunt called another aunt in the states to let her know they are fine!

Life, In Spite of Me

This young woman who survived being run over by 33 cars of a train going 55 miles per hour is such an inspiration, showing God's love, grace and mercy working in her. It is a powerful story of restoration and purpose. God spared her in a mighty way and anyone who needs or knows of someone who needs encouragement, this is the book for them. Her suicide attempt was the start of redemption in her life. Life is worth living even in the dark times, and we don't have to face those times alone. She shows how God wants a relationship with us, and the extent He will go to draw us near to Himself.

This is a very quick read. G even wanted updates on this girl and where I was in the book. If you want proof that God is as awesome as the Bible says and that He still wants a relationship with you, this is the book. This girl shouldn't even be alive but GOD!

I received a copy of this book for free to post my opinions. My opinions are 100% mine.

Doing the Wasp Dance

Ever heard of it? G and I attended a small wedding of some friends and on the back porch lived a wasp that was the inspiration for this dance, heh. Looking closely you can see the wasp near her head so it was a real threat. Her dance though was too funny and she and I enjoyed looking at the picture over and over.

G was so excited Saturday when she woke up. She asked me what the day was and when I told her she said, "Oh good I get to go to the wedding, play basketball and see Grammie and Grandad." She had thought it was Thursday so it was a very good surprise for her.

Sunday we went to another town with my parents to visit my great aunt who has been in the hospital over 2 weeks due to a flip of her small intestines and then gangrene. She lost most of her small intestines and then the hospital discharged her to rehab but she wasn't physically ready for rehab. She is not yet out of the woods and has pneumonia now. Pleas pray for her.

Also, there is a single A-mom of two girls from China who is dying of cancer in Conway, AR. I don't think she will mind me telling you about her. Her oldest daughter is 14 and the youngest is 10 or 11 I think. She needs prayer as do the children. There is a way to contact her if you wish to do so and want to know names etc leave me a comment with your e-mail and name and I will let you know more information. The e-mails are being printed and read to her. She is a friend of my sister's first and the model my parents saw as a single mom adopting that helped them stand behind G's adoption. So she did play a role in my adopting G. Of course shortly after she came home her familial support fell apart. She has friends still as support but her girls now will lose another mom and this was the forever mom, such a tender age to have such loss. Pray for her and like I said if you wish to send encouragement to her (FYI she was raised Catholic) please contact me with your e-mail and name I will give you the info.

Friday, February 18, 2011

G Conversations

Yesterday morning G said, "I know who you take after." I said, "Who." She said, "Grammie, because you are short and fat."

Then she said, "Who do I take after?" and before I could say anything she said, "And don't say my China family." Of course I did and she said, "I said, 'Don't say that.'"

I hugged her really tight and said, "But you have their genes and not the jeans you wear!" Sometimes this belonging thing is hard to do.

This morning after a bad night (that entailed hysterical screaming, jumping up and down all over whether or not she would read her required story to me) I told G how good our morning was and didn't she wish we could have a good night too? She said, "We would if we did everything I wanted."

We are still working on who is in charge, apparently. One of us knows but the other not so much.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

This Should Make You Cry

Bill Whittle explains how Obama has caused the US to take a very wrong path toward elavating socialism while killing off our democratic allies. If what is exposed doesn't make you very nervous then maybe a review of what America once was is in order.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Pictures from Last Week

These are some side of the road pictures of our snow from last week. I thought the trees and railroad were sort of pretty in white. Amazing how much more beautiful things are covered in white.

Currently I am having a serious difficulty using JAVA on two sites needed to do my job so I am not able to do my job. And the IT guy has a personal vendetta against me (witnessed and reported to my bosses by my cube mate). I had noticed it but kept telling myself that it had to be me and I am just a prickly personality. That still could be true though for someone else to not only notice it but tell on him for his poor treatment of me, well, I am sort of vindicated.

Monday, February 14, 2011

G wants to change her name. A boy she doesn't know said her name weird. Some other person whom G also doesn't know told this boy her name. Call her Heather.

Weekend Update and Have I Ever Mentioned...

I hate Valentine's Day? I am much more tolerant of it now with G and actually give her small gifts but I really don't like Valentine's Day. Some women at work brought Valentine cards for co-workers and although the thought is nice, I think it is a bit weird. Happy Valentine's Day and I hope your day is filled with a whole lotta chocolate!

Update on the weekend, G participated in a pancake breakfast to raise money for a children's home in our home state. She looks like she is having a blast huh? She had a basketball game right after the breakfast too. She didn't make a basket but it wasn't for lack of trying. She really is becoming more aggressive on the court.

Then we took off for a CNY family day celebration that culminated in a trolley ride back closer to our car. The trolley ride wasn't actually part of the celebration but it was fun.

Then we headed east to get more seaweed snack and promptly got stuck in traffic for over an hour. G and I played a game where I say a word or phrase and she has to describe from her own mind what she sees in as much detail as she can provide. I am hoping that will help her to be creative and not just artistic. At one point I asked her what Heaven looked like and she said, "This may not be right but I think it looks like a big hotel where we have our own rooms and toys and blankie and bunny are there and grammie and grandad are next to us. Then in the middle is a big Jesus crown and out a door is a yard with a swing, slide, baseball, soccer, basketball and football." I think she may have it more right than she knows.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Albert Pujols, One of Baseball's Greatest

Now first you need to know I am not a baseball fan per se. I enjoy the game live, but I am not knowledgeable on stats, who's who or much else. But this book though filled with stats I don't understand moves through the career of Albert Pujols in such a way that even not understanding the stats I still understand he is a miracle player with a true gift and passion for the game. God has given him amazing abilities on the field as well as a heart that pursues God.
Albert Pujols and his wife DeeDee are sold out for God and are not ashamed to say it. I really enjoyed this book and would recommend it for the sports authority in your home.
In exchange for my review I received a free copy of the book. The opinions are 100% mine.

Snow Day 2011

G and her grandad headed to the hill. She gets to ride. That is the new sled he bought her.

Work was cancelled as well. Most non-important offices are closed today. There is a sheet of ice on the streets. I came with much fear and trepidation to spend the day out here.

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Office closed at 1. There is 3" snow with 20 something degrees. And I hab a code in my node!

Well, It's Here

The snow has arrived or rather is arriving and fast. Not sure of the accumulation yet but our office may close early. G is in heaven at her grandparents getting to use the new sled! I won't have pictures until the weekend maybe. That is if Grammie is willing to get dressed and go take them.


DUE TO FORECAST! No kidding, most of the state has closed due to the threat of snow. Never mind that no one really knows for sure when it will actually hit. At 5:22am we got the call from the school telling us the decision was made to close. Even the University here closed with NOTHING on the ground. I am telling you, this better be GOOOOOODDDDD!

Needless to say, G is bouncing off the wall waiting so she can go sled. She has punished me with mean talk because she couldn't sled the last time it snowed. She was mad that I didn't have her picked up from school Monday even though school wasn't called off.

She was very excited this morning though. She even drew grandad a picture of them sledding in art class yesterday.

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Courageous Camping Story

"The Dragon and the Turtle Go on Safari" by Donita K. Paul and Evangeline Denmark; illustrated by Vincent Nguyen is a wonderful story of imagination and courage for children. G and I read this book as soon as we received it. The illustrations are wonderfully done in vibrant colors showing the main characters' imagination to help tell the story.

This will be kept by the bedside for evening readings when G needs a little courage to overcome her own imagination. G said she really liked the book and wanted everyone to know. This book would make a great gift for any boy or girl.

I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review. All opinions are 100% mine and G's.

Monday, February 07, 2011

Snow Anyone?

A view from a window in our office downtown. Can't really make much of it but the snow is falling quite fast to the point that seeing much in the distance is difficult. School has not been called which maybe just for the sanity of the teachers it should be. Who can calm down and study with snow falling? Sleds are the thought for the day!

I wonder if AlGore is anywhere around??

Military Exercises

That explains it. Saturday night, G and I came back home from a quick grocery stop to this face. Oh and a chewed up yellow belt, 1 beautiful wrap from Barcelona, 1 matching scarf to gloves I have and a big mess.

Clementine was not out of the kennel though she tried very hard to get out by attempting to roll up the wire on the bottom of the kennel and get out which has to explain the bloody face. I am so scared that I will come home and find her dead from attempting to escape. What a miserable death.

And I found out Sunday what the noise is that is disturbing her most, military exercises nearby. We heard and felt a loud bang that literally shook the house Sunday morning. G told me she did not feel safe. The loud bang would explain the dog's fear. I put her up today and she was very afraid so I hope the benadryl and melatonin kicked in to relax her. Any kind vet out there willing to send me some doggie valium for her? She is roughly 45 lbs and 11 years old.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Clementine-The Destroyer

So G is now totally traumatized by the dog breaking out of her kennel and destroying her things. Never mind the dog's own trauma in feeling the need to break out of the kennel in the first place. So what was destroyed exactly? One comforter, twin set of sheets, pillow, pillow case, pillow sham, twin mattress pad, shoe box (where G stores her shoes) and a baby blanket quilted by me. Oh and a beautiful Chinese scroll bought in the US that hung on the outside of my door. Also, the doorknob to my bedroom is a bit wonky dented and a few scratches on the door frame.

The thing is what wasn't destroyed is so much more than what was; that really we should be very grateful. But sadly we can only focus on what we lost. So much like humanity in general to focus on the bad.

So what she didn't destroy: the new bitty twins from Christmas, the very many stuffed animals and large care bear pillow, any other blankets, no current lovies or old lovies, no shoes, no framed pictures hanging on the wall in the hall that has glass and could really hurt the dog and no doors (although she is very capable of doing so), not one pair of shoes, no craft made by G and the mattress on the bed was still intact. Nothing in my room because my door was latched better than G's apparently. We have a new house in an old structure so with the settling of the house and the cold temps the doors shrink making it difficult to just shut the door and it stay closed.

Poor dog, not sure how long she had been out or how long she had struggled to get out. This is a picture of the kennel. The original lock was destroyed 4 years ago when we first got the kennel, literally within a week of her being in it. It has since been closed with metal clasps but I never dreamed she could figure out how to the the top off to escape. And that is not Clementine's picture or my house. Clementine is an Aussie with extra energy, anxiety and strength (apparently) at age 11. And I could never leave a pillow in her kennel, that would be destroyed within 5 mins.

So with that now I have a new worry on my hands, that being, will the dog kill herself trying to escape or what will she destroy next?

Obameconomics Explained

This should be mandatory viewing in all schools by all teachers and liberals at all levels of society. Maybe this should be the real shown before every movie, played on TV at the start of every show and at the beginning of every news hour. H/T Cousin of the Pres.

Another Klavan on the Culture

Simple, hilarious, makes you think kind of information. Found on

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

G was devastated. You'd of thought her arm was being chewed off. Lots of blood spots not sure exactly from what part of the body (dog's). Not good, not good.
Opened the front door, was greeted by the dog. Ya' know the dog that was left in a locked gorilla tough kennel. Broke out through the top. 1 room destroyed.