Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Clementine-The Destroyer

So G is now totally traumatized by the dog breaking out of her kennel and destroying her things. Never mind the dog's own trauma in feeling the need to break out of the kennel in the first place. So what was destroyed exactly? One comforter, twin set of sheets, pillow, pillow case, pillow sham, twin mattress pad, shoe box (where G stores her shoes) and a baby blanket quilted by me. Oh and a beautiful Chinese scroll bought in the US that hung on the outside of my door. Also, the doorknob to my bedroom is a bit wonky dented and a few scratches on the door frame.

The thing is what wasn't destroyed is so much more than what was; that really we should be very grateful. But sadly we can only focus on what we lost. So much like humanity in general to focus on the bad.

So what she didn't destroy: the new bitty twins from Christmas, the very many stuffed animals and large care bear pillow, any other blankets, no current lovies or old lovies, no shoes, no framed pictures hanging on the wall in the hall that has glass and could really hurt the dog and no doors (although she is very capable of doing so), not one pair of shoes, no craft made by G and the mattress on the bed was still intact. Nothing in my room because my door was latched better than G's apparently. We have a new house in an old structure so with the settling of the house and the cold temps the doors shrink making it difficult to just shut the door and it stay closed.

Poor dog, not sure how long she had been out or how long she had struggled to get out. This is a picture of the kennel. The original lock was destroyed 4 years ago when we first got the kennel, literally within a week of her being in it. It has since been closed with metal clasps but I never dreamed she could figure out how to the the top off to escape. And that is not Clementine's picture or my house. Clementine is an Aussie with extra energy, anxiety and strength (apparently) at age 11. And I could never leave a pillow in her kennel, that would be destroyed within 5 mins.

So with that now I have a new worry on my hands, that being, will the dog kill herself trying to escape or what will she destroy next?

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Sharon said...

Oh man. I loved how you focus on the positive though..way to go!!! I need to do more of that!