Monday, February 07, 2011

Military Exercises

That explains it. Saturday night, G and I came back home from a quick grocery stop to this face. Oh and a chewed up yellow belt, 1 beautiful wrap from Barcelona, 1 matching scarf to gloves I have and a big mess.

Clementine was not out of the kennel though she tried very hard to get out by attempting to roll up the wire on the bottom of the kennel and get out which has to explain the bloody face. I am so scared that I will come home and find her dead from attempting to escape. What a miserable death.

And I found out Sunday what the noise is that is disturbing her most, military exercises nearby. We heard and felt a loud bang that literally shook the house Sunday morning. G told me she did not feel safe. The loud bang would explain the dog's fear. I put her up today and she was very afraid so I hope the benadryl and melatonin kicked in to relax her. Any kind vet out there willing to send me some doggie valium for her? She is roughly 45 lbs and 11 years old.

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