Wednesday, February 09, 2011


DUE TO FORECAST! No kidding, most of the state has closed due to the threat of snow. Never mind that no one really knows for sure when it will actually hit. At 5:22am we got the call from the school telling us the decision was made to close. Even the University here closed with NOTHING on the ground. I am telling you, this better be GOOOOOODDDDD!

Needless to say, G is bouncing off the wall waiting so she can go sled. She has punished me with mean talk because she couldn't sled the last time it snowed. She was mad that I didn't have her picked up from school Monday even though school wasn't called off.

She was very excited this morning though. She even drew grandad a picture of them sledding in art class yesterday.


The Byrd's Nest said...

This sounds so much like Lottie and her inability to express her feelings without being angry. Praying she gets to go sledding!

Vivian M said...

Lucky!! They never close school here, even during last week's blizzard.