Thursday, March 10, 2011

Conversations with G

Last night in the car with the radio on K-Love was interviewing someone who has spent time helping orphans in the world. Even SCC was instructed to speak with this person before he opened Shaohannah's Hope. I didn't hear the name so forgive me but I am sure in the K-Love archives the information is there.

Anyway in the conversation on the radio the words "orphans in China" were spoken and G (I can never tell when she is listening) said, in a real excited voice "China! I was an orphan in China!"

I said, "You are right baby but you are an orphan no more."

She said, "Yea, because you adopted me."

I said, "Yep and did you know that I am adopted too into God's family through Christ?" I had watched the Third Day video earlier and it struck a cord, you know? So I told her that we were adopted into God's family as well. Then the conversation ended as we were headed into the Ash Wednesday service at church.

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Sharon said...

Love, love that Beverly...brilliant...I will have to use that...its cool to think that god problaby set you up in a time line for that talk.