Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Did You Mean "Girl" or "Gull"?

Please tell me how many of the 6-7 year old you know still have trouble with the "rl" and "l" after a consonant sound (which is the beginning of her name)? G says "gull" for "girl" and "cwove" for "clove" etc. I think it is age appropriate, and the sounds will eventually come. Her speech is not affecting her grades negatively. She still uses big words appropriately. She is a very bright kid who loves math.

She also knows she is not saying the words correctly and now won't say them to anyone. If a story she has to read has a difficult word like "squirrel" she says "s" instead. I mentioned it to her teacher because my mother told me I needed to address it. I personally think it is very cute.

I realize when the sounds come it will mean she is growing up and that makes me a bit sad. I really don't want to change it except that it is affecting her emotionally. The bully in her class told her she talks like a baby which I think exacerbated the issue. She claims she knew in pre-school she wasn't saying the words correctly and "everybody else did."

Here is the thing, speech therapy in school is a no-go because her grades are not hurt by her speech. She also doesn't want to be pulled out of anything for speech because she also realizes how different (her words) she is; she doesn't want to be singled out for this. After the last parent teacher conference, her teacher told the speech therapist at her school to just listen but I don't think she emphasized my understanding that I know G doesn't really need speech therapy. So needless to say, the ST hasn't seen her. I know the ST is very busy trying to get all the kids seen and the year wrapped up (2 months roughly to go, which will fly) plus spring break came along etc. Maybe I am naive but I don't think it would take very long to hear her and know what to recommend.

The ST and I actually go to church together and I have tried to catch her but haven't been able to do so there. I just want G listened to and reassured that she is fine, there is nothing wrong with her sounds but we still can work with her at home. I just don't know how to work with her to make those sounds on my own. So if anyone in the interwebs has worksheets or info on how to work with your child about these sounds please let me know so I can help G not be afraid to say these type words in public.

Oh and we have reached out to another ST at the next school grade who agreed to see her but then ST's baby got sick so it seems we are still just waiting. G asks me if I could say those words when I was 6 but honestly I can't remember neither can my mom. I do remember not being able to say "breakfast" until I was 11 or so. I kept adding an extra "a" sound in the middle of it.

Anyway, if anyone knows how I can help her let me know where to look.


Sharon said...

It IS so cute, but I am feeling so bad for her that a bully picked on her for it. My 7 yr old nephew still has so,ethnic going on but he will eventually outgrow it...such a shame that peers try to make it so tough to progress at your own unique pace and internal timing...I have heard from speech therapist to just gently in a fun way, repeat to them the correct way and have them practice but I would back off if it comes over as badgering or pointing out something that she will get frustrated over, she will outgrow it in her own time ,so I would assure her it's cute and smile at her , letting her know to ignore mean kids and do her own thing. Tell her you want to hear her say the words like squirrel, etc since you love how she says it and reassure her it will all work out when she is older..just my UNprofessional opinion...everybody has something!! Luckily Gs is cute. I am with you...missing baileys d for th..

The Byrd's Nest said...

Lottie still says Gull. And lots of other words that make me smile:) I need to e-mail Emma's ST back in Texas...if I can find her e-mail and ask her for some exercises for Emma. She still can't say her L's and has trouble with a few other letters as well. All normal for her beginning in life and living in four different countries by the time she was 6 years old! (Well, in my personal professional Mommy opinion...lol)

Big hugs to G and I am praying for God to whoop up on that bully in her class:)