Thursday, March 03, 2011

Finally Settled

G came home Tuesday telling me that the boy causing trouble is going to have his daddy come to talk to teacher about G calling him names. He basically threatened her. She did not tell the teacher. So Tuesday night while G was at basketball practice I text-ed the teacher to tell her that the child hasn't stopped and that G felt that she was the one in trouble. I told her that every time I mentioned talking to the teacher G would burst into tears. Ms. teach text-ed me back and said, "I told her she wasn't in trouble." I let G read all the texts when she came home. The teacher thanked me and then called me yesterday to tell me the outcome.

It seems the boy had a child near him who did cheat off of him so he decided everyone must be cheating on him with G as the nearest target. Explaining that G didn't need to cheat didn't help. The girl who cheated now takes a test alone away from anyone else. So now the boy has been moved down the table away from G. He sits across from another boy which G noticed he doesn't every bother the boys. Also, the teacher was unable to get in touch with the parents due to disconnected or changed phone numbers.

The other thing was that Ms. teacher said G wasn't his only target but she was the closest and in more constant contact which made me feel much better. So really his problem (which I knew it always was his problem) is immaturity and fear of others cheating like the one girl did. Ms. teacher didn't like the threatening part at all. I think G now feels like she can tell Ms. teacher when something like this happens and not get in trouble.


Jennifer said...

Glad that's taken care of for her. I hope she feels better about it now.

Vivian M said...

I am so glad the teacher has taken steps to protect Miss G from this boy and I hope she takes it a step further by sending a note home to the boy's parents. Not being able to reach them by phone is not good enough.

Steph B said...

It seems like more than just being worried someone is cheating from his work. I hope the teacher is able to reach the parents to find out what's going on with this little guy. I'm glad he isn't sitting next to G anymore, but they need to make sure the boy gets some guidance to ensure he doesn't start up with someone else.