Tuesday, March 01, 2011

For All of You Wondering

I plan on meeting with the teacher very soon it just can't be with G around or with her knowing about it. She will be devastated because she thinks she got in trouble. So I am holding off for a specific time for a reason. Plus I need to build my case apparently a lot more by the information G gives me in a round about way. By the way the little boy is still messing with G but she doesn't tell me straight out. So whatever the teacher did or did not do is not working. I know she is a child and it is my responsibility to take care of her and protect her. I am def. working on it.


Steph B said...

Good for you! I hope you're able to get this resolved.

Jennifer said...

I hope you can get everything resolved. It's tough when kids say things are going on and it doesn't get handled. That's also part of the problem with a PC society.
We had a similar issue with Sophie. She wouldn't tell on the boy, but everybody else in the class would. I sent her an email and she moved the boy to a desk by himself for a month. Now he sits next to Maddie, but he doesn't pick on her.

Ba Ba and Mommy said...

It just infuriates me that this teacher is handling this situation unprofessionally. She has been made aware of what is happening, and rather than taking care to ensure that your daughter feels comfortable in class by just separating them, she singles out your daughter by taking her outside while her classmates watched. OMG! Does she not hear or understand the consistent message about bullying that is out in the media every single day? That little boy is a bully, plain and simple.

Sorry for the ranting, but I just feel so awful for your little girl. She is experiencing what parents who have adopted fear when their child goes to school. Our younger children just don't comprehend this type of cruelty by other children whose parents haven't taught them empathy towards others.

Again, I am so sorry your little girl is having to deal with this and I will be keeping your daughter in my prayers.

Take care.

Mommy to 2 adopted little boys