Monday, March 14, 2011

G Is Growing Up, and Other Weekend Ramblings

G is growing up and yet she is still very young (thankfully). She has started helping me brush and comb her hair (only when she is not too tired). She has long below the shoulder length hair that really tangles well especially when she gets stuff like glue or grits in it which she has done in the last week. Anyway she will get the brush and brush it then get the comb to finish it then ask me to make sure all the tangles are out. Mostly, they are out and at night we band it so there are fewer tangles in the morning. Sometimes the glue and or grits will prevent a good non-tangle hair and even though I do wash her hair regularly she tends to forget that she did get something in her hair until too late.

G scored two baskets Saturday in her last Upwards game and assisted with two more baskets not to mention she made several tries that just hit the rim. I even got to see both baskets she made as I wasn't talking to anyone at the time. I was as proud of her for passing the ball and not trying to be the star but really playing as a team as I was for her baskets.

Then we headed to the Chinese market to get some seaweed for sushi rolls (sans meat or veggies, only rice rolls). I love going to the Chinese market. There are so many cool things there and the smells transport me back to China, for the most part. Also, we found a new to us brand of seaweed snack that hopefully will be there when we go back. G ate the whole container in less than 24 hours. Did I mention she loves seaweed snack?

Then we headed to a bowling bday party where G got to bowl on two lanes (several kids just got tired of bowling) for several different games. She got 3 strikes and several spares. None of them on the same game so there wasn't a score. Then we headed to bday boy's house and hung out with his very cool parents and grands. It was really fun. G fell in love with the dad and the electronics to the point that she didn't want to leave. She had fun leaning all over the dad while the dad showed both kids how to play a game on the dsi.

Sunday we headed to my parents for G to look at the clothes for the bitty twins which are less expensive than AG site but still pretty far up there. Her bday is over a month away and she will not stop asking if I am going to get her some specific outfits for the dolls. She is getting a few outfits but the persistent asking is driving me crazy!


The Byrd's Nest said...

She IS growing up...for real! As Lottie

Emma is forever getting things in her hair which is part of the reason I cut it short.

I know she must be so excited about her birthday!!!

Vivian M said...

Wow I cannot believe her birthday is just around the corner! What kinds of things is she asking for in addition to doll clothes?