Thursday, March 10, 2011

Oh, Oh, I Am Famous

and I didn't even know it. I was published in the local paper way back in November.

Well, my name was published in the local paper. I didn't see it. Apparently no one I knew saw it either. I just found out about it today even. It was all about my being delinquent in paying my personal state taxes last year that were due in Oct. Oh well, I just forgot.

There was a small remembrance when trying to get my tags for my car that I received the assessment last year. I just didn't bob over and write a check for them. Then I took the tax notice home and laid it down. I suppose it is buried somewhere in the not to be ignored "VERY IMPORTANT PAPER STACK." Am I the only one who is quite able to ignore the "VERY IMPORTANT PAPER STACK"?

Any who, I am all paid up now even for this year. And while there I just renewed my license that was going to expire this year. And that little name blurb in the paper that I didn't see cause I don't get the paper nor did anyone else see it that I know personally? It cost me $1.75. Ridiculous waste of tax payer money! Printed news papers really are the least effective tool of communication in this day of IM and text-ing.

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