Friday, March 04, 2011

Seriously Disgusted

A woman at work asked a Chinese woman who has been in the US for 10 years if women in China go through the "change." Then as if that wasn't bad enough two other dolts stood around to explain to the Chinese woman what the first idiot meant by "change" and waited for an answer.

My head never sped around so fast. I tried to confront but the first dolt said she was kidding and the other two kept insisting they didn't ask the question in the first place. I didn't know people didn't realize that women from China were just that: WOMEN who happen to live in China and are Chinese not aliens from another planet.

Gah! I explained to my neighbor who heard the exchange why I was so bothered by that comment and the reason is G. She is going to face that sort of ignorance all of her life. Honestly, that is like asking if a person of another color bleeds red. HELLO!!! Ding dongs!


Blondee said...

It's ignorance like that that makes the world scary. :(

Vivian M said...

It happens all the time. We used to get asked if Kerri spoke Chinese when she was a toddler, if she liked Chinese food, etc. We used humor to educate the ignorant - sometimes they got it, sometimes they didn't, but Kerri learned that it was OK to laugh at ourselves.

Steph B said...

My beautiful son gets comments on his "flat nose". It infuriates me, as I *know* these kids have seen Asian people before. I guess he's fair game because they can speak directly to him, though. We practice one-liner answers, but it's hard for him to remember them on the fly.