Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Sloan Swindle Passed Away

The single adoptive moms of two Chinese daughters I mentioned earlier (link in title of this post) passed away this morning. She was released to hospice to die at home. She leaves behind Polly, age 14 and Swan, age 10 (I think) and a male friend who has now lost his whole family (in his own words) as they were not married and he did not adopt the girls with Sloan. I am praying he can still have great influence in the girls lives as he has truly been there since Polly came home (really before for with Sloan). Sloan was in her 50s.


Vivian M said...

So heartbreaking.

Patrick and Nicole said...

She helped us adopt our family's beloved dog, Chelsea. She was so devoted to animals, she even came to do a "home study" to make sure that ours was the best home for the puppy (we passed!). Ours lives changed significantly for the better the day we met Sloan. My heart goes out to her family!