Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Surprisingly Good

I had never heard of "sisterchicks" novels before I read this book. I had picked it because I thought initially that it was non-fiction. I was pleasantly surprised at how good the story was, how wonderful the descriptions of the Netherlands were and how natural the characters seemed. Both women had something to come to terms with in their past or near future. God used their friendship to guide each one to a beginning of a change.

Summer discovered the truth about herself that I think any American woman can own as her own, that need to be in control of every situation. God used some out of control situations to make Summer realize she needs to trust Him.

Robin has a broken relationship with her father. She needs to forgive and discovers the strength to work toward that goal.

It was a quick read but very enjoyable. Who knows, you might learn something about yourself in one or both of the characters.

In exchange for this post I received this book free to read. The opinions are 100% my own.

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