Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Want a Reason to De-Fund NPR and PBS?

Check out this caught on tape video two NPR execs calling Americans non-intellectual, white middle class gun-toting, racist, racists.

You will have to go to the link because I can't get it to embed here. Very eye opening. Can't decide if the NPR execs are really just stupid or if they are trying to scam this Muslim Brotherhood front group or if they really truly believe what they are saying.

Granted there are a lot of kids shows on PBS but even those shows should take a cue from Nick Jr. and Qubo which are also good kids shows mostly (Nick Jr. is a little too earth loving for me) but are not funded by federal tax dollars. The problem is that the adult shows on PBS and NPR are over the top leftist, marxist, liberal ideologies that are being spewed out on all of us. Let's just stop it.

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Sharon said...

You are a hero the way you speak out as you can, Beverly. I am very grateful for you. I watched my My 17 yr old daughter watch Glee this morning taped, Gweneth Paltrow told the kids who asked about remaining pure, that they were either naive or frigid. WHat the heck? I feel like giving up on the world sometimes but you are right, we have to fight as much as we can with our inspire me right when I need it the most.

And I am praying that a "john' comes along for you...every girl needs one!! haha