Wednesday, March 16, 2011

"We Be Big"- A Book Review

I have never heard of these guys before receiving this as a review copy. Basically, this is a story about how God's hand directly and indirectly intervenes in the lives of two men to make them hit radio personalities in the Alabama region.

Rick and Bubba tell their stories of becoming one half of the team in such a way to keep the reader engrossed. It is a sometimes funny and sometimes eye opening (to the back rooms of entertainment) but always entertaining book.

They claim to be just normal guys talking about normal daily things in their lives which keeps people listening and loyal to their brand of radio. One of them point out that when family or friends get together to spend time together the real stories told are what keep the conversations alive and funny, not the programmed stuff or the fake radio voices, which is very true. Bringing real life to radio is what they are all about.

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jeneflower said...

I wonder what it is that some people can make boring, every day life sound interesting. I never thought reality TV would be successful, but I was very wrong.