Thursday, April 28, 2011

We Survived the Storms

At least the physical storms. When I was growing up in the country there were no sirens when tornados threatened. I think one night I heard one, sounded like a train but we normally were just tucked into bed and fast asleep. So now after living in the city all these years (20 of them) I am adjusting to the duck and cover idea when the sirens go off. BG or before G came along I would still tuck into bed even when the sirens are sounding. Now though I think for the most part it would be irresponsible not to duck and cover when the sirens blare.

So two nights ago as we were settling in for the evening they sirens sounded and G and I headed to her bathroom. All was not lost however since she has a world map shower curtain that helped with the geography portion of the hangman game I have on the phone.

Of course the dog is another story totally. She refused to go outside for over 24 hours. She didn't hold it though releasing her pee three times in the hall way. She didn't want to do it either but sometimes there is no choice. At about 4:30am yesterday morning she was finally okay to go outside and pee and poo. One day my parents had to run to the house to check on her. She survived yesterday as well. I even got a bit more sleep last night back into the routine of the norm.

Yesterday G didn't have to go to school because of flooding. This morning I had to drop her off at a different location of the school because of flooding. I saw some cars coming up one street that I had been told had flooded and since I drive a paid for SUV and this was a small car that made it through the water I thought I could just push through. Y'all the water spray was taller than my SUV. My poor SUV made noises I had never heard before and I got through that water on prayer alone! But here is the thing, there wasn't another street around the school that was less deep after dropping G off. Seriously the town where her school is was more affected than my little town. And our town had a lot going on.

Anyway, I guess round 2 will be this weekend right on time for the MIM festival which always, ALWAYS has rain!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Prayers Needed

I may have very good news with regard to the house. The one person and his fiance who saw it yesterday love it and want to put an offer. First they have to qualify for a loan. I need prayer that he can qualify and that the offer will cover 100% of everything so I can walk away owing nothing and losing nothing. Plus I need it to close before it goes to foreclosure proceedings in June.


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Serious Disconnect in Liberal Colleges and Ideologies

How the students being asked to redistribute the "excessive GPA scores" can't make the same argument against taxing the rich is unbelievable and shows just what the liberal mind has to do in order to believe the things they do. Incredible, disconnect their thinking to make the justification arguments regarding money and GPA, both earned.

The link where I picked this up is in the title of the post if you wish to go directly there.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Birthday Updates

On Friday (I happened to be off work) we had a birthday breakfast for G. We first put a candle in a bisquit to sing then after the cupcakes were ready (later) we did the candle again properly this time.

The first gift G opened was the bunk bed made by my dad and mom for her bitty twins. Then she opened the outfits: two soccer sets, two crocks, and two sets of pjs. Twins are so expensive, heh. She was so surprised and pleased. The beds are light and dad left them as a blank canvas for her to decorate the foot and head boards.

Then G and I made "sports" cupcakes, you know basketball, karate orange belt and soccer. I believe they would have been cake wreck material (oh yes they would) had I bothered to photograph them. They may have looked a bit like wrecks, G even called my basketball a spider, but they were pretty tasty.

Saturday, I took G and a friend for a day in the big city. We started at a museum that was showing a Taste of China exhibit including a make and fly your own kite day. That was fun. G made a catfish kite and her friend made a butterfly.

Then we headed to most every 7 year-old's favorite luncheon spot, McDs, for a lovely lunch of fries and nuggets. Then off to the pottery place to paint lovely plates and crosses.

G had wanted an elephant so I had copied one for her to paint on a plate. Her friend wanted to do something for her own mom so she picked a cross and painted it. I have to pick them up next week.

We had cupcakes after the pottery at GiGis where the icing to cupcke ratio is 1:1. That is a lot of icing, by the way. Then we three headed to a coffee shop because by this time I needed a pick me up and then off to the zoo for a couple of hours. All in all it was a very busy day such that G fell promptly to sleep the minute she was still in bed.

She did proclaim this the best birthday ever so I guess it was a G-success!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Christ Is Risen!

He Is Risen Indeed!!

Happy Easter!

G and I had a wonderful Easter celebrating Our Risen Lord at chuch, then with an egg hunt at my parents. They were out of town but we came out anyway, knowing they weren't here. I had put an Easter Lily on the alter in honor of G's 7th birthday on Friday so now we have a plant that needs a spot in our yard. G loves to plant so this was perfect for her.

Our weekend was wonderful and busy. I have a birthday update to do but G declared it one of the best. Then she told me every birthday has been the best ever!

Friday, April 22, 2011

7-She's 7

Happy Birthday My Sweetest Baby Girl! You have sure made a positive difference in the world by your presence. I am so excited to see what God has for your future. What huge promise you hold! I love you so much!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

This Morning

G said, "It's not an Easter basket but a soldier hat." So the new thing this Easter is the Easter helmet for God, sold in most stores, cute kid not included.

Have You Seen This Guy?

Well now you can read about him as well. Now you can read about his most incredible life, lived in the power and strength of the God Who created him. Nick has written an inspirational book about his life and struggles as he lives as powerful witness to God's purposes in his life.

He was born the first child to a couple who had no clue that he would have no arms or legs and very small feet, if you can even call them that. Nick talks about how his mom initially struggled with even wanting to see him after he was born. He talks about his own personal struggles and thoughts of suicide for how he looked. He had to come to peace in his own heart and mind that God had great plans for his life.

Nick's own family never treated him as if he had a disability at least in the sense that they encouraged him to be around "normal" children and never held him back from trying anything. Nick talks also about their worries for him, for his future. He is very honest and open in this book about his life and love for Christ.

Nick Vujicic is an inspiration for anyone struggling with what God's purpose is for him/her. God has lived through Nick in a mighty way. His disability has given him the ability to travel and speak to groups and encourage people all around the world. He has even surfed with Bethany Hamilton; even taking waves on by himself. He has inspired millions with his videos about his own story.

I received a free copy of this book but all opinions are 100% my own.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Gearing Up for the Big Birthday Weekend

Lots to do. G will be 7 on Friday. She will be out of school and spending the day with the grandparents because I am not off work for the day. She wants to wake up at home because she doesn't want to miss what I "always do" on her birthday and that is sing and dance happy birthday songs for her. I would miss it too. She also wants me to be the first to say Happy Birthday to her.

I think she is getting a wee bit emotional or rather she is in a bit of emotional confusion as the big day approaches. She still claims to want to be a baby and not grow up. Boy, do I know that feeling as it used to be my own personal mantra. But she is needing security affirmations as well so we are reading "adoption is for always" and stuff about China. Strange how the anniversaries bring up the adoption issues. Understandable but strange nonetheless and a wee bit sad.

We have big plans on Saturday with one of her friends. G wanted to paint pottery so that is where we are headed but I couldn't afford a true party there so I limited it to one friend. That is a big source of consternation for her as well but it just can't be helped. Plus I don't want to be responsible for getting a whole bunch of pieces to a bunch of different kids.

And the tax refund of the adoption credit that the I*S claimed I would receive by 4/19/11 is not here. I am praying that it will be here tonight. I sent exactly what was requested in the instruction book for foreign adoptions and I claimed all the credits for all the years so this is a roll over for me. They should not have a problem with it. But it is the I r s nonetheless who will gladly give 1/2 million fraudulently to illegals but cause issues for rightful claimants. That is the problem with huge government entities!

Also, the house I owned that I have been trying to sell off and on since 2006 is going into foreclosure beginning June 10 or something like that if it doesn't sell first. Of course I have to fix the two holes in the wall punched by the last renter who attempted to fix the holes with hands full of spackle (sp?) which didn't work. Looks like gobs of white goo dried in the holes. And paint the whole rooms where the holes are due to the age of the paint on there. And I have to get it cleaned even though they claimed to have paid someone who left a dirty kitchen floor and sink and filthy ceiling fans.

All this to say is pray that the house will sell despite the flaws and that G will have a wonderful birthday weekend.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Very Important to Watch

Christians are being persecuted everyday. Sometimes if enough people speak up and loudly speak out, they are released. Please pray. How this video didn't go viral, I don't know. I found it on a round up of both political social links that really are a must read from the Tartan Marine's blog.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Neighbors Are True Gifts

Our neighbor, who is a jewel to have living beside us, gave G a gift. It is a very used gift, loved by the original owner, but a gift non the less. I mean used in that he didn't spend a lot of money on it thankfully, (because he does sometimes spend more than I think he should on G for gifts) but he handed down his grandson's basketball goal. His grandson has spent many a long day playing basketball in his grandad's drive until he became a teenager with a life and a girlfriend, that is.

He actually told us a bit ago that we could have it, but my dad hadn't had a chance to move it to our yard until yesterday. When we came home G was so excited to get out there but we didn't have a basketball at our house because the Upward ball she received this year, and the one her grandad bought her were at my parent's house. Or so we thought. When I opened the front door there sat the Upward ball waiting for G to play.

Of course G didn't want to be outside by herself so I sat outside a while with her until the mosquitoes were just unbearable. So now G has a front yard basketball court to keep her busy after school!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Bad Parenting Moment #256,189

Actually I haven't kept a running total but I am sure my bad parenting moments are up there. So here goes, me telling on myself again:

Last Wed. (for a bit of back ground: Wed. are normally late nights which sometimes bring meltdowns) after G came home from GAs (Christian girls group at my parents church) she was doing what she always does, stalling. She had brought home the scholastic book magazine on Tuesday, promptly filled out what she thought she wanted and gave it to me to approve. I looked it over and was very confused about one of her choices: A Father's Day Surprise. I am single, ergo, "no father for you." Or something like that. She didn't chose the Mother's Day book right above the Father's day book so I was a bit perplexed. She has a tendency to do that to me often sometimes.

So Wed. night as she was stalling she used the whole scholastic order thing to do so, (She needed to add more etc) we didn't get to bed by 9pm so no book before bedtime. That is the rule.

Well, as predicted sometimes happens on late nights, she fell apart. I explained as I was getting the bed ready, that stalling before bed with things like the scholastic book order will cause you to miss a book at bed "and by the way why did you want to order a Father's day book when you don't have a father?!?!?"

OOPS, wrong thing to say. I caught it right after it left my mouth. I spun around just in time to see the tears and hear her response as "I do too have a father, he is in China and my granddad and I have God as my father!" Dude, I was rightly rebuked. I got down on her level and told her how sorry I was, agreed about her fathers and re-affirmed what she knew to be true. I did say that since there was no father in the house however she didn't need a Father's Day book.

For the moment we cleared it up and she actually admitted she didn't realize that she chose that book. So we didn't order it to be sure.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Fun Times

See these two handsome crazy young brave guys? They were the bull fighters for the rodeo tonight. They are different than the cowboys in that they are the ones who protect the cowboys after the bulls throw them off. The bullfighters are also like rodeo clowns without the barrels and funny clothes. The bull fighters are more bull irritators than bull whispers or jokers. The announcer said these two guys were world champion bull fighters. They had their moms or grandmoms or maybe both there to see them in the stands. That was how I got a picture with G because we sat near them or they sat near us, which ever. This was also the end of the rodeo when they were at their stinkiest/sweatiest.

This video was of a cowboy who broke his arm literally. Yes that is me saying OMG literally praying the words that only the Holy Spirit understood and prayed for me for that cowboy. Can't imagine getting up and walking with a broken anything. I guess it just comes with the territory though.
This makes the 4th year of the rodeo but we have gone to only 3. This is our annual event that happens around G's bday every year. Leading up to this event, I mention it to everyone. G gets mad at me for inviting people because she wants this to be just our thing. So I guess I will stop inviting people (they don't come anyway) and just keep it a G and me thing.

The rodeo also had the calf roping, steer catching (teams) and barrel racing (girls). After we left G said, "Mama guess which one I like best: pirates or cowboys?" I said, "Cowboys." (That really was a 50/50 guess). She said, "Right and I want to grow up to be one." She really is a very funny kid you know?

Earlier in the day we took my mom to buy plants and then planted. G was tired so she slept on the way to the rodeo and on the way home from the rodeo so that by the time we were in bed she was all awake!

Friday, April 08, 2011

Obama Thinks Big Families Are Irresponsible

See for yourself (if you can stomach it that is):

He isn't really fond of children apparently either:

4 More Years? I Think Not

I think we can call this presidency an abysmal failure.

Thursday, April 07, 2011


You know what true torture is? Trimming your nails after one breaks too short to save (basically off) and then having pistachios only partially opened but not being able to open them!! AAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHHH!

They sit and stare at me! So tempting yet nothing to crack them open, here at work anyway!


I happen to work in a building where there is an IRS office. I overheard an IRS employee telling the security guard that she and her co-workers were thrilled with the prospect of getting shut down. You know why? They will still get paid just not right now. She is happy because they get a longer weekend or a mini vacation.

I am all over the shut down. I think we need to all go John Galt on the government. Sadly I don't think I would be one of the ones taken away. I am very book smart and can see things but when it comes to making money from nothing like some people have a gift for I have none of that.

Anyway, the whole government shut down scare by the liberals just ticks me off. Lets start with the essential personnel, get rid of the non-essentials and build our government from there as Bill Whittle said in not so many words. If someone is non-essential then get rid of them. Most of us who experienced a lay-off experienced it because that particular company felt we were non-essential and could do without us. I know it hurts to look at it that way but boiled down unless the company went out of business that is exactly what happened. So lets do it to the government and see how much we can save!!

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Awesome Song

More here. Thanks to Jammie Wearing Fool for the link and posting the video. Love this sight by the way, JWF is awesome.

Couldn't Have Said It Better Myself

I will NOT be a Dhimmi. I will not submit.

People who know me, know my position.
I, personally, DO NOT accept Islam as "Religion".
It is a political totalitarian orthodoxy, which uses "religion" as a fig leaf.

"Islam" came into existence approximately 600 years after the Crucifixion of Christ, and is a POLITICAL anti-Jewish, anti-Christian, ANTI-FREE WILL ORTHODOXY of OPPRESSION and TYRANNY."

"Where is the reaching out by Muslims to the families and colleagues of the people who were killed solely because a mob was incited to deadly violence in the belief that any Westerner is the same as every Westerner?

I have looked for exclamations of dismay for these assaults from people who hold themselves out to be leaders in the Islamic community. I'm not talking about Jeddah or Abu Dhabi. I'm talking about New York City or Nashville, Tennessee - two places where there have been local issues about building large Muslim community centers.

If demands to stop killing innocents in Afghanistan by Islamic leaders in the U.S. have been forthcoming, the reporting about them has been very thin, because I haven't been able to find them.

U.S. journalists should be searching them out and asking them if they intend to go to their Mosques this coming Friday and denounce the attacks in Afghanistan, and if not, why not?"

If you think a crazy man in Florida who burns a koran is responsible for the slaughter of UN peacekeepers in Afghanistan then you have been too indoctrinated by the main stream media. He has every right to be as crazy as a nut if he wants to be. He has first amendment rights in this country, that have nothing to do with Muslims who want to kill infidels (that is you and me by the way) anyway, who use any excuse to do so and then who are treated as unruly children, given a wide berth by the MSM and liberals in this country, which is the most racists response of anyone by taking away responsibility for person action based on race and culture.

Wake up, this is crazy thinking. Even my mom was incredulous that Terry Jones would cause the slaughter of innocents in Afghanistan. NO HE DIDN'T. Muslims caused the slaughter of innocents in Afghanistan. Only Muslims bear responsibility and where are the peaceful Muslims speaking out against the slaughter? Speak out peaceful Muslims, PLEASE. Accuse your brothers of wrong doing and help to stop it.

I assure you if the Bible were burned there would be no murders because we don't worship the book. We worship the Author of the book. He can take care of His word alone without help from us and HE has been doing that for thousands of years.

Friday, April 01, 2011

4 More Years of Change

The question is: Can We Stand It? NO WE CAN'T.

Link where I pulled this is in the title.

This Is a Must See

And you may already have seen it. But here it is again, cute little kindergarteners playing the guitar. Awesome.