Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Bad Parenting Moment #256,189

Actually I haven't kept a running total but I am sure my bad parenting moments are up there. So here goes, me telling on myself again:

Last Wed. (for a bit of back ground: Wed. are normally late nights which sometimes bring meltdowns) after G came home from GAs (Christian girls group at my parents church) she was doing what she always does, stalling. She had brought home the scholastic book magazine on Tuesday, promptly filled out what she thought she wanted and gave it to me to approve. I looked it over and was very confused about one of her choices: A Father's Day Surprise. I am single, ergo, "no father for you." Or something like that. She didn't chose the Mother's Day book right above the Father's day book so I was a bit perplexed. She has a tendency to do that to me often sometimes.

So Wed. night as she was stalling she used the whole scholastic order thing to do so, (She needed to add more etc) we didn't get to bed by 9pm so no book before bedtime. That is the rule.

Well, as predicted sometimes happens on late nights, she fell apart. I explained as I was getting the bed ready, that stalling before bed with things like the scholastic book order will cause you to miss a book at bed "and by the way why did you want to order a Father's day book when you don't have a father?!?!?"

OOPS, wrong thing to say. I caught it right after it left my mouth. I spun around just in time to see the tears and hear her response as "I do too have a father, he is in China and my granddad and I have God as my father!" Dude, I was rightly rebuked. I got down on her level and told her how sorry I was, agreed about her fathers and re-affirmed what she knew to be true. I did say that since there was no father in the house however she didn't need a Father's Day book.

For the moment we cleared it up and she actually admitted she didn't realize that she chose that book. So we didn't order it to be sure.

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Sending you both a huge cyber hug.