Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Couldn't Have Said It Better Myself

I will NOT be a Dhimmi. I will not submit.

People who know me, know my position.
I, personally, DO NOT accept Islam as "Religion".
It is a political totalitarian orthodoxy, which uses "religion" as a fig leaf.

"Islam" came into existence approximately 600 years after the Crucifixion of Christ, and is a POLITICAL anti-Jewish, anti-Christian, ANTI-FREE WILL ORTHODOXY of OPPRESSION and TYRANNY."

"Where is the reaching out by Muslims to the families and colleagues of the people who were killed solely because a mob was incited to deadly violence in the belief that any Westerner is the same as every Westerner?

I have looked for exclamations of dismay for these assaults from people who hold themselves out to be leaders in the Islamic community. I'm not talking about Jeddah or Abu Dhabi. I'm talking about New York City or Nashville, Tennessee - two places where there have been local issues about building large Muslim community centers.

If demands to stop killing innocents in Afghanistan by Islamic leaders in the U.S. have been forthcoming, the reporting about them has been very thin, because I haven't been able to find them.

U.S. journalists should be searching them out and asking them if they intend to go to their Mosques this coming Friday and denounce the attacks in Afghanistan, and if not, why not?"

If you think a crazy man in Florida who burns a koran is responsible for the slaughter of UN peacekeepers in Afghanistan then you have been too indoctrinated by the main stream media. He has every right to be as crazy as a nut if he wants to be. He has first amendment rights in this country, that have nothing to do with Muslims who want to kill infidels (that is you and me by the way) anyway, who use any excuse to do so and then who are treated as unruly children, given a wide berth by the MSM and liberals in this country, which is the most racists response of anyone by taking away responsibility for person action based on race and culture.

Wake up, this is crazy thinking. Even my mom was incredulous that Terry Jones would cause the slaughter of innocents in Afghanistan. NO HE DIDN'T. Muslims caused the slaughter of innocents in Afghanistan. Only Muslims bear responsibility and where are the peaceful Muslims speaking out against the slaughter? Speak out peaceful Muslims, PLEASE. Accuse your brothers of wrong doing and help to stop it.

I assure you if the Bible were burned there would be no murders because we don't worship the book. We worship the Author of the book. He can take care of His word alone without help from us and HE has been doing that for thousands of years.

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