Sunday, April 10, 2011

Fun Times

See these two handsome crazy young brave guys? They were the bull fighters for the rodeo tonight. They are different than the cowboys in that they are the ones who protect the cowboys after the bulls throw them off. The bullfighters are also like rodeo clowns without the barrels and funny clothes. The bull fighters are more bull irritators than bull whispers or jokers. The announcer said these two guys were world champion bull fighters. They had their moms or grandmoms or maybe both there to see them in the stands. That was how I got a picture with G because we sat near them or they sat near us, which ever. This was also the end of the rodeo when they were at their stinkiest/sweatiest.

This video was of a cowboy who broke his arm literally. Yes that is me saying OMG literally praying the words that only the Holy Spirit understood and prayed for me for that cowboy. Can't imagine getting up and walking with a broken anything. I guess it just comes with the territory though.
This makes the 4th year of the rodeo but we have gone to only 3. This is our annual event that happens around G's bday every year. Leading up to this event, I mention it to everyone. G gets mad at me for inviting people because she wants this to be just our thing. So I guess I will stop inviting people (they don't come anyway) and just keep it a G and me thing.

The rodeo also had the calf roping, steer catching (teams) and barrel racing (girls). After we left G said, "Mama guess which one I like best: pirates or cowboys?" I said, "Cowboys." (That really was a 50/50 guess). She said, "Right and I want to grow up to be one." She really is a very funny kid you know?

Earlier in the day we took my mom to buy plants and then planted. G was tired so she slept on the way to the rodeo and on the way home from the rodeo so that by the time we were in bed she was all awake!


Jennifer said...

That's so awesome, well except for the broken arm part. I've always wanted to go to a rodeo. I'm glad G enjoys it.

Vivian M said...

Love that you both have a "thing" that you look forward to doing together once a year! I think that is special and should just be for the two of you, until Miss G changes her mind, that is. ;o)