Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Gearing Up for the Big Birthday Weekend

Lots to do. G will be 7 on Friday. She will be out of school and spending the day with the grandparents because I am not off work for the day. She wants to wake up at home because she doesn't want to miss what I "always do" on her birthday and that is sing and dance happy birthday songs for her. I would miss it too. She also wants me to be the first to say Happy Birthday to her.

I think she is getting a wee bit emotional or rather she is in a bit of emotional confusion as the big day approaches. She still claims to want to be a baby and not grow up. Boy, do I know that feeling as it used to be my own personal mantra. But she is needing security affirmations as well so we are reading "adoption is for always" and stuff about China. Strange how the anniversaries bring up the adoption issues. Understandable but strange nonetheless and a wee bit sad.

We have big plans on Saturday with one of her friends. G wanted to paint pottery so that is where we are headed but I couldn't afford a true party there so I limited it to one friend. That is a big source of consternation for her as well but it just can't be helped. Plus I don't want to be responsible for getting a whole bunch of pieces to a bunch of different kids.

And the tax refund of the adoption credit that the I*S claimed I would receive by 4/19/11 is not here. I am praying that it will be here tonight. I sent exactly what was requested in the instruction book for foreign adoptions and I claimed all the credits for all the years so this is a roll over for me. They should not have a problem with it. But it is the I r s nonetheless who will gladly give 1/2 million fraudulently to illegals but cause issues for rightful claimants. That is the problem with huge government entities!

Also, the house I owned that I have been trying to sell off and on since 2006 is going into foreclosure beginning June 10 or something like that if it doesn't sell first. Of course I have to fix the two holes in the wall punched by the last renter who attempted to fix the holes with hands full of spackle (sp?) which didn't work. Looks like gobs of white goo dried in the holes. And paint the whole rooms where the holes are due to the age of the paint on there. And I have to get it cleaned even though they claimed to have paid someone who left a dirty kitchen floor and sink and filthy ceiling fans.

All this to say is pray that the house will sell despite the flaws and that G will have a wonderful birthday weekend.

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Steph B said...

Praying for the refund, the birthday, and that your house sells.